Friday, March 8, 2013


The Wizard of Oz, in some form, is coming to theaters here this weekend.

In the original Bert Lahr played the "Cowardly Lion."

I have a challenge to chess players who THINK (feel?) they are now chickens, or cowardly.

Am I the only one who finds chess news about female chess events boring as all get out? I think it's like "Hooters," these journalists and photographers are hoping to "Get Lucky!"

Yes, they look pretty but who really cares about them taking advantage of men chess players or anything else? GIVE ME the proverbial BREAK!

Women Olympiads, etc. to make them feel good about themselves.
I have to applaud Judit Polgar who said NO to all of that. She jumped in with the men and kicked ass, didn't she? Who sponsors and gets all excited about this waste of money?

There are women out there who are better players than I am, but I don't care. I want to see them in the cannibal pot along with the rest of us for ALL events.

If you are not a cowardly lion (or even if you are), how about RESPONDING to this Blog? Women's chess is B.S. My claim. I have a grand daughter and two great grand daughters. I hope they play chess WITH the boys. And I hope they run them out of town!

Years ago when I directed every kind of tournament there was, I had 150 high schoolers on my hands with card index pairing cards. It kept me busy. But I talked to the coaches and I suggested that all these trophies (there must've been over 100 of them) were designed to make EVERYONE feel good about themselves. AND the schools who paid for their attendance and bus rides, food, etc. The coaches said YES, that's what it was all about. Well
"meaninged" people trying to help EVERYONE at once. NO EFFECT.

That "cream" does NOT rise to the top. A few years later they are out of school and they only think about chess when they are raising their own kids and repeating the same non-sensical "feel good" stuff. Hey Dr. Spock's kid killed himself! As Dr. Phil might've said, "Hey Spock, how's that working for you?"

So how come so many of these parents went to see THE HUNGER GAMES? Nothing feel good about all those kids getting slaughtered in that one, and several more scheduled to come out. (Yes, I saw the first one, good movie, but since it was about killing kids, I am not going to see the next ones).

Women are in the work place everywhere. Let those who have the time (and desire)  play among the men and get rid of all those other superfluous events and give trophies and cash to those who earned it. Chess is NOT a physical sport in the traditional sense.

False prizes only last for 24 hours. After that everyone "knows", "Hey Tommy could have kicked my butt. Thank God I was in the weakie female section where everyone was terrible." What kind of pride is that? NONE.

So... are you up to it? Anyone want to challenge me on this? And by the way, I've heard all the PRO arguments in favor of this. I need NEW ones. Get the proverbial GRIP and show your case, or, if you will, agree with what I have written and experienced. I met Judit when she was 12 and she was kicking butt and taking names. I thought it was great.

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