Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Facebook is seldom good for commercial entities. Results have shown this by big companies who are hoping for the next big thing. Spend a lot, get little or nothing in return. That's why it is called SOCIAL guys.

Here are a couple things I have noticed that Facebook is GOOD for:
1. Finding "lost" friends;
2. Sharing family/friends info and pictures;
3. Announcing tournament information;
4. Discussing stuff like movies, books, etc.

Here are some things I have found it is good for in a lousy way:
1. Doing stupid stuff, putting it on Facebook, and getting fired and wondering (really???) why. Too STUPID to not put it in a 1-on-1 email to someone. Why is that? They REALLY do want others to SEE them--because "living" close to the edge is their high.
2. A sensible disagreement or argument gone wrong. I have seen some out of control stuff from members of the chess community. And.... it NEVER ends.
3. Asking me public questions instead of contacting me via email--which I give with almost every Post of this Blog. You want to know about a book, ask me in an email. People on Facebook are reluctant to give email addresses sometimes, and instead want me to work on "their" turf. Ain't got time for hand holding.

Hot-dogging it is a form of asking for punishment. Zuckerberg doesn't care, he's made his pile. People do "public" things in ways that embarrass themselves. I was dealing with a Verizon rep recently to get a "holster" for my standard cell phone. He pulled his Windows phone out of his pocket to look something up (or get a message), the thing was the size of a small chess book! They either didn't have a holster big enough at the store for him, or he didn't want to be seen wearing a Gucci bag for it! (Funny, I saw all kinds of people wearing "fanny packs," one of the more ridiculous clothing conventions for MEN!

Lack of discernment is often Lack of Experience. That's why we see so many people under 40 doing some really crazy stuff and loading it onto the web. And yet, there is hope. I've been noticing a bagger at my grocery store. This gal keeps busy ALL the time. No standing around, no talking, no goofing off. I am SURE the bosses have noticed her. If she stays she will get a big promotion and we will be less one competent bagger. She's in the parking lot, moving baskets back into the store. She's helping customers, etc. Doesn't stop.

It doesn't stop there. I was someplace else recently where I noticed the same phenomenon! If I was hiring, and I would like to have help so that I can work on books and catalogs, I would have asked her. And I would have promoted her and paid her more money too as soon as I discerned she wasn't a Job Hopper. There ARE some great employees out there and there are those looking for the paycheck and complaining (on Facebook, for example) how they have worked at some place for 5 years without a pay raise. Geez, I wonder why?

So if you want to ask something, drop me a line at the link below. I don't bite. I may growl, I may be edgy, but I don't bite, and usually, I don't growl or be edgy either. There are very few cases where I want to buy a roundtrip ticket to Nowheresville and strangle somebody! If I did I would probably head to Washington, D.C. but then that would be Lack of Discernment wouldn't it? Trying to straighten out 540 or so Dummies.


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