Tuesday, February 26, 2013


New printer ran out of black toner. My guess is the previous owner (user) used up most of it and returned the unit. These babies run from $50-70 per color ad by looking at Amazon's customer website, lots of complaining about the price of cartridges, called Lexmark a monopoly, etc. Wow. Cartridges (good ones) have cost a lot for years> Another new and not altogether great experience. Wasted a lot of time checking out vendors, Lexmark themselves, etc. Finally ordered one and should it be great, will have as my main printer, then my HP 8500 while still working toward a much bigger printer where cartridges and such don't have to be replaced often.

Like one guy said, he will use it for now but never buy another. I try to avoid the word "never" because, the quality was good! I do not use refillable cartridges. One broke up in printer A long time ago (Rhino) after saying they were "guaranteed" to work right. Well they were guaranteed to fail. It's hard to live and learn, too many different brands out there and the $$$ are all made on the cartridges. Shame the greed factor is so great.


Pay close attention. I put a new wrapper around the DVD for the ALL-PURPOSE DEFENSE. Spent at least one whole day on it including marketing copy. And... in order to do that, I had to listen to the whole DVD all over again.

Seriously enlightening. Lots of gleaning. 5 pages of notes. I have studied ...b6 before and Martin (Andrew) makes it snappy and fortuitous. By that I mean, he shows you how a certain set of moves, and move orders, can stymie White from the getgo. This DVD will go for $27.95 in the new packaging but I have it on SALE (in USA), right now for $15.00 +$3.50 for S&H.

If you ask for it, you will get FREE the new Chess Gangs of New York and London book called KERES MACHINE GUNNER, a $12.95, free shipping in USA... but you have to ask for it. This special LOW price os $15.00 is good for the first 15 buyers through March 9.

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