Saturday, February 2, 2013

Remember "JAWS?"

I am watching it this Saturday evening. What is the greatest thing about this good movie? John Williams' music.

Everything else was memorable too.

What was the lesson?

Don't panic, but, be alert!!

It's so typical. Ignore the danger, embrace the stupid.

Do we see this in chess? ALL THE TIME.


No one likes to lose rating points.

Everyone likes to gain rating points.


What if I told you to play the best chess you could, without much in the way of preparation, would you be willing to lose 100-120 rating points? For an experiment?

Then, look into the games with more than average enthusiasm (losses and wins.) Yes, painful. You might have 6-8 games to look through, maybe a few more.

Annotation, study, and build up your chest muscles.

Go back to playing with say 3-4 weeks in between as a break.

Will your rating go up? Probably.

Look at those games. Build up your chest again. Go back next month.

Study each time.

I've known several people who did that. Each lost bunches and bunches of rating points.

One of those guys was me.

Not just my knowledge was increased. My rating went up and I became feared because all the other guys were desperately trying to hold on to their ratings. I came to the conclusion THEY were over-rated.

I've given some thought to putting together a strategy book on HOW to raise your rating no matter your age (if you are senile you aren't reading this!) You need two things besides the book:
1) Willingness to "let go" of what you are currently doing (because, "What good is the status quo doing you?" Can your losses amuse you? By the way, congratulate your opponent!)
2) Willingness to "lose" rating points.

Otherwise you will continue trying to protect what you have. You won't be learning anything or improving, you will be slowly declining and what you've been protecting just means you will be protecting a lower rating than you have now.

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