Monday, February 4, 2013


Since I do not own a working TV I did not see the Super Bowl commercials.

A friend of mine says that's his MAIN interest. I believe I saw online that there were 40 of them, mostly 30 second commercials, at $4,000,000 per 30 seconds. That $160 million bucks.

Did you have any favorite? Were there any that you didn't like?

Ask yourself AFTER you've picked your faves if the commercial would, in any way, prompt you to consider the advertised product for a future purchase (if the commercial doesn't do this it is only expensive entertainment). Did your favorites fit into the later category?

I am doing a poll to determine MORE about my customers. Since I haven't watched sports on TV (except at the gym where they are on 24/7) I am looking for comparisons in marketing promotions so any comment you might want to add is OK with me.



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  1. Bob, I think your remark about "expensive entertainment" best summarizes my attitude about Super Bowl commerical advertising. I buy stuff I want, not because of ads.