Saturday, February 9, 2013


I have to proofread it first and then it probably goes out early.

This issue, in my opinion, is spectacular. Almost everything (almost) revolves around the 1936 New Zealand Championship and the travelogue IN New Zealand for two months. I wonder what Anne (his wife) thought about this! She was probably setting up the next news publication or two and taking care of business--she probably thought "What's new about that?"

He visited many towns both before and after the championship, which he won but was not eligible to be New Zealand champeen as that honor went to Gyles who finished in second place and who was from New Zealand, and by the way, beat Purdy in their encounter.

The second issue is $24.95 in PDF form. 56 pages of type (mostly) with breaking headlines, a few pages of humor (including Purdy's Chielemangus). Purdy also calls out the insane arrangement of the Canadian Chess Championship which ran along the lines of "Something's better than nothing!" and I think Purdy disagreed with that.

What I need most is a typist! I hope I don't get arthritis from this!

If you get a 6 issue subscription the price is $99.95 but on Feb. 28th, that Special will go away.

Hep to it men!

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