Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Yesterday I had the happy occasion to listen to a CD titled "The Power of Focus" with Dave Dee and Lee Milteer from GKIC.

Dave asked questions and the exceptional mind of Lee Milteer answered them without equivocation. In several instances she changed my MIND and the implementation started yesterday:

1) The Gentlemens chess Club will not meet on Thursday evenings until Spring! The shop will still be open on select days--a calendar will be published.

2) The first chapter in my 2nd SECRETS book IS right on the money about using one's subconscious whether for learning chess at a better and deeper level or the actuation of goal setting and mission statements and then following through. Stop doing what appears to not be working.

3) More creativity will come when Focus is implemented (most people can't focus). Jeremy Silman said this was the biggest problem with his students in chess.

4) Always take responsibility for what you are involved in.

It all sounds theoretical except she kept giving practical examples which all of us know are true. Implementation will lead to success or at least more discernment.

It wasn't a 1-2-3 formula, it wasn't how to break the bank of Monte Carlo, and yet, that is the result.

5) Being at the computer most of the day (and without a smartphone to drag me down even further) I won't be answering emails "instantly" like I do most of the time. I will usually respond, ONE TIME. Sometimes a "conversation" will continue, and continue, and continue with people sending more messages, and OKs, etc. I am out of time!


Repeatedly we find ourselves out of balance in time, without lives, and our budgets. We know it, put a Bandaid on it and still ignore (for the most part) our kids, spouse and end up concentrating on stuff that 2 weeks from now won't matter (if it ever did). Most people I talk to tell me how many hours a day they put in--but the time isn't well spent. It happened to me again yesterday at Harbor Freight, a hardware store where my company check was flagged and the cashier spent 20 minutes on the phone and consulting her "manual" and asking for my driver's license! It finally went through (Telecheck sucks). I wasn't mad at anyone. She thanked me for my patience. I was about to whip out my credit card but I didn't have to. Still, 20 minutes is 20 minutes and my chance of going back to that store ever again, with a check, is almost zero.

I have been listening to a new CD from this company for 6 years, every month. This one sunk in and I rated it BEST. Not funniest, but best, most useful--most important. I will be faxing the FEEDBACK form today to that company to show I am serious.

You can apply everything Milteer said to chess or any other passion (your job, finding the right partner, etc.) Alas, it involves commitment. I am committed (in more ways than one!)

At present I am about to send out to my general population a large used book list and give you reasons for making changes to what you are already doing. Those who want to improve without necessarily killing themselves will.

Lee talks about "direction" and its consequences. Some of us are just living for the moment we die. Some are bored silly. None of these things are necessary to live a great life. Many have forgotten HOW MUCH fun chess was when they first picked it up and stuck with it. Maybe at some point they stopped and picked it up later again.

The ironic thing? Several days earlier I had hit upon an idea which I know would intrigue many people and benefit them as well! I thought of putting it into a report (FREE) which I would send to those who provided me their name and physical street address.

But, with everything else pressing on me to either get a new printer, get the one I have repaired and if I go the repair route to wander through a half dozen stores over 3 days until I finally found something that "might" do the trick (we'll find out later today). So I went into "postpone" mode. Sometimes "other stuff" slows us down.

After listening to Lee's presentation with Dave yesterday (and by the way I have a printed out copy of the CD which will be exceptional for locating what I need to review) I am going to go through with this report. Give me your name, email address, and street address (I will be mailing the report through the post office). There will be some ideas to challenge you and to take whatever comfort zone you are in to a better place.

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