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C.J.S. Purdy's Inside Look at Some of Chess' Greatest Games Volume Two is now available from The Chess Butler. It is $44.95 and contains 236 annotated games in its 321 pages, and is indexed.

This volume comprises Vols. 3 and 4 from the original CJS Purdy's Fine Art of Annotation & Other Thoughts books. The sections from books 3 and 4 which had Purdy's written articles will be moved to the NEW Vol. 3 along with comments from Prof. Ralph Tykodi, a book with many Purdyisms in it and direct quotes (this alone was a tremendous effort by Ralph).

Volume One is also available at the same price and Volume Three is expected in a few months (or sooner).

However, if you order either of these two books by February 28th, you can get them for $39.95 each. Postage for the two books (or one book) in the USA is $5.00.

What's In It?

Similar to Vol. I it contains 95 games by the very strong masters, grandmasters, and world champions and annotated the "Purdy way."

In part II we get 32 Master-Level games from Australia and New Zealand, more fertile Purdy territory.

In the last section we have 109 games: 78 played by Cecil Purdy and 31 played by John Purdy (his talented son). Naturally Dad and Son also crossed swords a couple of times.

Lately I have become more and more impressed with annotated games where the superior player finds a way to get into trouble and then shows us how he extricates (sometimes) himself from the swamp. This book has examples of these kinds of mistakes and so does the expensive (but very excellent) book by Aagaard & Shaw ($25.50) titled Grandmaster Versus Amateur which I keep repeatedly dipping into (it's nice to see these stronger players come "clean.") Fischer started that too with his book My 60 Memorable Games. Before that is just wasn't done.

Hope to hear from you.

PS: Oh yes, recently my printer went through the "crapping out phase." Originally it was about $2500, laser and postscript color. I went through 145,000 pages before the paper feed sensors conked out. I had the repairman over the other day and he said cleaning it up (toner) and replacing the paper feed tray plus the service call he was already being called for was going to run into the hundreds of dollars and it was time for a new model--this one had served me well since 2000. I still have a printer at one fifth that price that is ink jet based and used only for invoices.

So I am trying to think of a way of raising cash to get another printer (About $700-800 but those $100+ toner cartridges persist and they require 4). Because my computer equipment (mostly Macs) are so old, it is questionable whether the newer printers will have drivers that run on the older equipment and thus, I may need a new Mac to network these puppies. Great service, virtually no downtime, but I use these babies for special mailings and proofing so it will have to be done.

My idea is to produce a special catalog of recent new titles at half price and to use the money to buy new equipment. I am hoping you will find some things of interest, maybe something that cost a lot of money before but now, through special pricing, I can sell them and use the money for printer and possibly a laptop (though the later is not guaranteed).

In the past I have asked interested people to request such and such pricelist and the response is almost nil. If I send them out, then there is response... the problem is I risk sending it to those who could care less but who refuse to remove themselves from being bothered! But, let's try it anyway.

I got the word that yesterday more Grand Knights of Amritsar chess sets were shipped to me. That could help except I am also expecting 8-10 Taj sets. Just when I was ready to pay myself for working here the last 4 years, this happens... but perhaps you can take advantage of this situation and find something meaningful in books -- sets -- or DVDs for yourself. While donations are always acceptable I never request. It's not your fault these things happen. In the past when repairs were needed (seldom) I did many of them myself to keep the cost down.

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