Friday, January 4, 2013


Make no mistake about it, everyone likes "free" things IF they are useful.

Last night I sent out a 24-page booklet on HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CHESS by C.J.S. Purdy. It took me several days (3-4) to put it together from some Purdy articles in his old magazine "Chess World." It is loaded with good ideas and an idea I intend to incorporate into a manufactured product.

The only way you can get it now is to be a subscriber to 1 BOND Street, which will be 6, 50 page+ publications in 2013 for Purdy fans. You have to plunk down $99 to subscribe and all these fine folks did before I ever told them about a FREEBIE down the pike. That's when it is glorious right? I have more FREE ideas.

I sent out a two Bonus package a couple days before that to all those who purchased, from me, a copy of my October book, THE CRITICAL SECRETS FOR PLANNING AT CHESS AND ANYTHING ELSE. This bonus was 27 pages. The book now costs $79.95 and has 220 pages. "Secrets" cost money to write and produce and I am amazed at the number of "authors" who give them away for next to nothing and does it increase their book sales? Nope, not at all. Their editors don't get it either. In John Nunn's case he was putting the word "Secrets" on everything, probably even had a "secret index" somewhere. This is no good either. We haven't seen the word "secret" on a John Nunn Gambit publication now in some time.

I like to give things away when my customers have shown faith in me! If you give away "stuff" first, you get a lot of folks who want free things but do not want to commit.

Next up with by the 2013 Red Gold Card for $50. I have some great ideas for the coming year, just need a day or two to give it more intense thought. Last year TPi sold more Gold Cards than in any other previous year. I suspect 2013 will be even better for a lot of reasons which I will tout in a release to come out soon. I've kept the price the same in the last 5 years but I see the day coming will I will have to raise it, but also "sweeten" it some more too.

Personally, I hate REWARDS cards because one has to wait for something we want right now. For example I am in Staples the other night and I have a little chat with a very accommodating Manager and give him my view. On the QT he said he had no "input" but he certainly saw where I was coming from and if there was such as thing as "agreeing" with me where we were outside of camera or audio "view," he did. These big box stores want to move everything online which is a giant pain-in-the-rump as far as I am concerned (won't give the reasons now). Mainly, get rid of managers, the store, inventory... eventually, themselves. When we need a pack of pens don't most of us just go and pick them up instead of ordering them online?

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