Thursday, January 10, 2013


I used to really love popcorn but I was not one of those "butter fiends" like the gal I went with to a movie last weekend. Everyone to their own.

But I quit microwaving popcorn due to some kind of chemical crap that forms the bags they are popped in--which isn't good for you (they say).

I used to use a stove popper of the type where one turns the handle. Not bad (I was given one as a wedding present by a fellow mathematician years ago!) He and his Dad ran a popcorn shack in the summer (and made a killing!)

I have tried air popping--that one may suck the most. Dry, salt won't stick--tasteless.

So in recent years I began buying popcorn to eat while working in the evening. It comes in paper bags and cellophane bags and though no kernels it seems to have lots of little broken up pieces of popcorn, and is usually pretty tasteless too. No matter how expensive the popcorn and I live in the state of Iowa where we have Vinton the popcorn capital of the world (they say).

Has your chess gotten like that? Same openings, same results, same opponents? Well recently I was investigating something about the opening I recommended in my second Secrets book and I found a chapter that was absolutely enchanting (can we use that word these days?) I felt alive again. Truly as age takes its toll it is time to find some things to bedazzle the other guys and I will be popping it out (no pun intended).

Incredibly refreshing!

Try it--it will be better than chess popcorn!

Recently someone mentioned I should have a smaller email address. Is this what the world has come to--people in that big of a hurry but whose lives themselves are going nowhere? I had to elicit a big yawn! All YOU have to do is click on the link!

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  1. I have to admit that I agree with you 100% on your popcorn comments. I am truly a popcorn addict! I too, after discovering the problems with the coating they put on the paper for microwave popcorn, tried to move to other forms of popping corn. Air popped popcorn is like eating styrofoam, unless you drown it in butter. And other forms just didn't measure up to the taste of those little microwaved packets. Anyway, here is my solution. I bought myself a "microwave safe" popcorn bowl! I still buy microwave popcorn—my favorite is JollyTime Blast-O-Butter. But just empty the contents of the bag into my new bowl and pop it! It tastes great, and avoids the coating they use on the bag.