Saturday, December 1, 2012


When these are gone, that's it!

Lots of commercial bills to pay so I am selling off "most" of the private Thinkers' Press Library. These are the books (I have a lot of titles but not sure I have EVERY title) I set aside (when I think of it) in quantities of 1-2 in case I need reference points for future publishing.

I already had an inquiry this morning for Vol. 1 of the first in the CJS Purdy Fine Art of Annotation series. These books are like new or mint if you will because I just take a copy from the box and stick them on the shelf.

At this time I do not have time to make a list so please don't ask for one yet. Some will no doubt just want to know what I think some titles are worth. I don't, as I write preceding, have time for that. If you are looking for a certain title and I have it, I will quote you a price. Please do me a favor and give me your name and address. I have to quote postage too so knowing where you live is pretty helpful.

If, for example, you are looking for a copy of "Exploring the Chess Openings" by Hugh Myers, if I have it, I will quote you a price.

For the vast majority of titles I was the editor or publisher. If for some reason you want me to autograph the book I will. Books must be paid for before I ship. Credit card, PayPal, and checks and money orders are OK. It really will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. I will not hold or set any books aside as that invariably leads to piles of books on my work table and people trying to save on postage--this is not about that... for collectors.

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