Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I am getting inquiries and from some I didn't know out there. I do look through my shelves and report on what I have. Waiting for the actual orders to come in.

Perhaps one or two are hoping I am desperate (I am desperate for space and to clean my place up!) and will let them go for under other "online" prices. This isn't exactly my goal. My goal is to help out collectors or "completion addicts" (I once was one so I know the feeling) not to drop the price for someone to sell it to someone else for a much higher price (resellers without being resellers, or perhaps, resellers without a country!)

When I get a chance I will eventually create a LIST because there are books that few know I even did! While Chess Digest was putting out lots of openings monographs years ago, I had nothing to do with that except I made the diagrams for Ken using type fonts on a Compugraphic system--this was in the 1980s when I was obsessed about chess fonts and publishing.


Eclecticism probably describes my chess business the best. I also do posters and if you have a favorite chess player you would like a poster of, say 5 foot tall and 2.5 feet wide I do those. In general, just one, and for you. (Some pictures are very hard to find.) If you have a favorite picture, perhaps one you took, talk to me (563-271-6657).

They are $199 + shipping IF I can find a decent picture. To find hard to get pictures I may have to pay someone and thus the fee will be more, They are usually in 2 colors: black plus a background color. I can email the file to my printer and then go pick it up when it is done.

Of course this is a very novel present and to hang it on your door or wall in double thickness poster paper, that is definitely the "cat's meow," even if it was Alekhine's cat "Chess."

I work on these "off and on" but if I can find a suitable picture (will run it by you) I would say 10 business days or less.

Just an IDEA! contact bob:

PS: Is my email address "insufferably long?" I know people do not know what a "thinker" is so I must have a lisp (as far as I know, I don't) or "gravel" in my mouth when I say it on the phone... but really? I have one for the Chess Butler but I haven't released it yet. Besides, the Butler is retail, TPi is everything. You know who complains the MOST? Yep, people who want something for free! You guessed it didn't you?

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