Monday, December 17, 2012


Ridiculous and Freedom
I am thinking of designating Mondays of my week as "ridiculous" and Fridays as "freedom."

I need to buy stuff for my customers so Monday would be a good day to do all bill paying, one day of the week. That way I would remember. I get a lot of really dumb stuff in my mail and I have to start sorting it faster and it's not just from insurance companies. My bank is a pain in the ass, for example. I am getting constant reminders from credit card companies and internet companies to use them (GoDaddy for example requires having a full time proctologist!), change to them and there is NO good reason to do so. My current CC company notes I have "reward points" coming and wants to give me choices from well known gift cards. Yet I hesitate because I see when I go ostensibly to THEIR web site, there are too many requirements they want for me to get the damn card! They want to know about my loans, other credit cards, etc., etc. With all the database mining these days and computer retrieval stuff out their they could assemble all this crap themselves but they want me to verify with THEM what I already know (and they do too), Yes, there are people with similar names, and maybe from the same town, but we don't have the same Soc. Sec. # and if they deny having that info, we know they are lying. Would other members of my family misuse these emails. I am sure it happens. They should be instantly executed! There is no family or quests at my offices... you would think they would know that also!

Now Friday is interesting because for years I have wanted to take off Friday for at least Friday afternoon. Not too successful with that one! In fact, this Friday I have another 1-5 p.m. sprint of displaying more of Dale's collection (and maybe some other things I have). It's a great place to get an inexpensive wooden chess set or a very expensive wooden chess set... maybe in a terrific box. Or magazines, or bound Chess Life volumes for many years, Chess Digest, and tons of other books like Olms (in the flesh and more than you probably recognize).

It seems that everyone is holding their crotch and waiting to see what the "fiscal cliff" will bring. It's going to bring more taxes in some shape or form. Everyone was getting a deal AFTER the Clinton administration but it is doubtful if any was "socked away." I know I didn't it was tough enough as it was. I can tell things are different now as I hear from Staples every day, Vista Print, and lots more. I am doing "Unsubscribes" right and left and it's not helping much. My emails are shorter. Everyone is offering deals except:::: TADA, the grocery stores! Now the grocery stores have a special way of hiding their "deals." In just the last month prices are going up all over the place like 20%!!! (If you haven't noticed I pity you, you aren't paying attention.) Then they have gas-saver fuel cards (so you will buy stuff you don't ordinarily buy!), rewards cards, cheaper breakfast on Thursday mornings, etc... which brings the price down to what you were paying two months ago! But for those who don't pay attention or don't care about these services, the grocery stores make more, even though the gas prices have fallen like a rock (that one is amazing in itself).

I remember the "old" days when I would get out a Chernev or Horowitz book, put some music on listening to Gene  Pitney or Roy Orbison and just enjoying myself (at home). Kill a couple great hours that way. We can still do that but now there are organizations who are having 1-3 meetings per month. I got two notices today about a special supper tonight and 2 last week (maybe more). There are dumb people out there who forget (raising hand) who who don't care enough to put it on a calendar and then forget to look at the calendar (me again). I would rather work on a Purdy project or SCORE or a new book because I know that provides LASTING pleasure of more than one evening. I am going tonight because some is going with me (that I can remember) but I hope there are no speeches or other crap. Just sort of: "Glad you are here, you deserve a time out and we are paying for it. There will be 4 entrees to choose from. Thanks for coming. The END."

I will say that once in a while someone will make a toast or small speech and they are fun to listen to, but not often. If any of you belong to LINKEDIN you know what I mean when someone suggests that I (Bob Long) has endorsed me in the area of "Public Speaking." By a financial advisor who I recently "unsubscribed" myself from. I hardly know this guy and know of NO instances where he has heard me speak!

Tuesday through Thursday and Friday morning (plus weekends)... I work harder than you can imagine. Last night I finished the basic proofing of SCORE 24 from Igor Stohl at 2 a.m. Got up at 9 a.m. and haven't had a shower yet, but, it's coming! His article on the Meran and Anti-Meran is a super Christmas present to subscribers and soon I will be telling you why and the subscription rate is just a smidgen for something that is almost a book and at the perfect time of the Holiday Season. As I said, more in a few days and I hope you subscribe. Minus maniacs like last Friday, there are a lot of good things going on and soon I will be filling you in, in spades. Whew!

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