Monday, December 10, 2012


Near the end of this week (Fri.) my Gentlemens Chess Club calendar which I had sent to many --says I will be selling "stuff" during the time I was open.

That has been moved to Thursday and for GOOD REASON.

What is that?

THE EVENT! It will be from 1-5 p.m. Thursday afternoon AND it will have lots of books, chess sets and magazines (many bound) there. (Address below.)

My good buddy Roger Sadeghi (he is a professor of physics and lives in Switzerland) said it was CRUEL for me to hold that even here so far away from him and crazy air fare. I admit, I had to agree with him.

One reason for this stellar event is to see if I can get locals and those from within a 200 miles radius to show up (car driving). That's 3-4 hours. Since Dale Suilmann, the fellow who is disposing, drove 12 hours round trip, in one day... I think we can say that Dale had the more difficult task.

Mention of the Life and Times of Mikhail Tal autographed book made one good fellow I know, Rick R., reschedule his work flow! Way to go Rick. See, it can be done! (Of course I always knew it could be in 90% of the cases).

So... mark that on your calendar--this week!

Also, I will be open for a while on Friday the following week. Haven't yet determined the hours. I hate to stay there all day at 1101 W. 4th St., Davenport, IOWA and have no one show up. This time, there are amazing reasons to be here. Ebony and non ebony sets with great PRICING you gotta love it).


1 BOND Street is ready to go except for the cover design which I am hoping is finished tonight or tomorrow. It will be 6 issues of at least 40 packed pages (the first one is 42 pgs. + cover). Some of the coolest CJS Purdy stuff ever. $99 for a LIMITED time for those 6 issues. If you want to buy the individual issues as they come out, they will be $24.95 each, in PDF form.


BTW, already three subscriptions have come in. If you loved the Purdy Chess Chronicles you will really like these. Lots of little known or unknown stuff and games which are not necessarily in ChessBase!

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