Sunday, December 23, 2012


I was at my shop Friday between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. for a continuation of Thursday last week and selling items from the Dale Suilmann collection.

Two people showed and both were buyers.
Isaac Newton (his real name) got a very nice rosewood and boxwood set, 4.25" King and weighted like Samson's butt! He was able to check out all the pieces in advance (which you can't do on eBay). He put all the pieces on a board (a common request of mine)  to verify they were all there. The set weighed almost 5 pounds!

Ed Reedy picked up three books (Ed doesn't care whether the notation is Descriptive or algebraic--I like Ed).

Am open tomorrow morning for a bit at 11 a.m. for John Hartmann (Omaha). Anyone else want to stop by at that time?

Always glad to meet my customers. Still taking orders via email and phone (563-271-6657). Keep my phone with me...a pad and pen would be a good idea too!

Today I taught my grandson (8.5) how to play chess! His Dad helped a bit. Alex seemed to have a great time. I suspect we will have a winner here!

PURDY -- 1 BOND Street
Keeps selling every other day! More info coming. Have to get off now, the internet is "crawling."

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