Monday, December 31, 2012


Wishing you all the best for 2013.
People want bigger or smaller government and I would be reasonably satisfied if we HAD government.

In the end guys and gals it's up to us because the people in Washington have waited, once again, to the last minute (or second). They could've worked this out a year ago but everyone is afraid to put their toe in the water. I am betting that if the major players were locked in a cell and threatened with execution (in other words, these millionaires would have SOMETHING at stake, their life) by midnight if they didn't have a viable plan worked out, you KNOW they would come up with a compromise.

On To Something Else

I want to thank my customers who hung in with me through 2012.

I want to thank (seriously) those who responded in the last few days to my sales just before the New Year.  It raises much needed cash, shows me who is still alive, and allows me to start the new year with some new thoughts and ideas.

Tomorrow or the next day I am sending out an investment idea because my shop/building is on its last legs (to the banker and property tax guy). Ya now, you work extremely hard to keep making those payments and when you fail (such as with property taxes) someone else comes along and makes the payments. By the time you make the payback, more insanity has taken place. Bankers want me to have a regular income (or, in my case, income) and I am tired of bankers (doubtful, that's only a euphemism), people who want my building and have no $$$ (I have no idea what they are thinking!) Dreamers without practicality probably. Maybe we all start there.

At any rate... thank you and now I think I will go make some scrambled eggs. Seriously.

PS: So far it looks like it's the building in trouble, losing thousands of bucks over the years, not the business (meh)... I'll still be here in 2013. Make note of that.


Blogging is a time-saver for me and apparently something some like to read. I guess there are blogs out there with thousands of registered readers and mine has only 36. The funny thing is I suspect most chess guys are voyeurs and seriously non-committal types. They duck in now and then and then leave. Some are afraid Google will track them--my gawd are YOU that important?

It would be nice to get advertising to support what I write but it will only happen if thousands of people "hook up." I'm afraid that my blog is not a gossip-column about who in chess is gay, who is suicidal, who lost their ass in 2012, etc. It's really about what is happening at The Chess Butler. Go to TMZ for all that other stuff.

Here's the deal. In my recent emailing I mentioned having only 4 copies of Modern Chess Brilliancies (Hustled) left, the book by Gossip and Pillsbury, at $59.95. Well now I have 1, maybe 2 (I am still straightening out the mess on my work bench). Hardbound. Was reading it this morning. Some of Pillsbury's comments are priceless. Probably your last chance.

Contact me today (I am amazed at those who contacted and had forgotten all about it!! Life in a putty knife factory is a must read for all H. Allen Smith Comedy Devotees).


  1. Happy New Year Bob!

  2. The beginning of the problem(s) in Washington was the pledge that many Republicans took (ala Grover Norquist) which essentially tied their hands on all future decisions concerning taxes. They gave themselves no wiggle room at all. Then with the Supreme Court supporting "Citizens United" back in the early part of 2010, all Hell broke loose in the form of MONEY, MONEY, and more MONEY! "Reasonable" Republicans know that if they break their pledge, Grover and others who have access to these huge amounts of money from "interest groups" (because of the Supreme Court ruling) will primary them out of office in the next election. This disaster is rather easy to understand...