Wednesday, December 26, 2012


On Friday at 1 p.m. until (?) I will be at the shop at 1101 W. 4th Street to meet with my old friend Art Hernandez. With Art I have to have to NEW and OLD stuff out for him to select and of course we trade stories... we both have lots of them.

On Saturday at the same location in Davenport, Iowa I will be open from Noon to 2 p.m. for more of the same.

Chess sets, books, maybe magazines... all the schlepping back and forth does get old. If we don't have new snow you can park in front of or at the side of the shop and get a chance to see how the cities' roadgrader tore up my lawn moving snow off of the street. In some post, maybe years ago, I mentioned how the drivers of these monsters can run over anything. I knew one guy, a short dude, who went he got into one of these earthmovers would ride high in the saddle and get as big (puffed up) as he thought his "you-know-what" was! The incarnate Little Big Man!

So if you are looking for a Last Hurrah before the year is over... stop in. I never know who will show because many more people read this blog than are "officially" tapped into it!


Bill Murray and Robert Duvall were in a terrific movie called Down Low.

But I have something a little different in mind: Chess Garage and Chess Attic, the low and the high. It will be two different strata of catalogs. One for the inexpensive stuff (Chess Garage) and one for the more expensive (Chess Attic). Work begins next week--and work it will be but I hope to convince you that doing business with the Chess Butler is the best there is.

In the meantime the Nov-Dec catalog I released with the ridiculously low prices will be updated today and released again to the end of the year. That is, prices will be good through Next Monday, Dec. 31. Some of my customers told me they would pick up stuff "later" so, later is here.

Three Gems Disappearing Fast:

The first is Modern Chess Brilliancies (Hustled) by George Gossip & Harry Pillsbury. I have 4 left at $59.95. A great 100 page book in hardcover full of notes left by Pillsbury probably from HIS personal copy. Great fun, great reading and it will be a collectible (telling you in advance).

The second is The Chess Assassin's Business Manual--a collection of business stories and chess stories about the businesses I've run. If I remember correctly it runs about 300 pages, 7x10 in size. Also includes lots of photos and artwork too from 1965 to 2008. I've thought about splitting the book into two parts but, no time so far... and maybe update, but, no time so far.

The third is My Search for Chess Perfection by C.J.S. Purdy. Lately with my work on 1 BOND Street (the new magazine about Purdy and His Friends) I have been reading through the pages of MSFCP again and some ideas are percolating. There will be a shelf life to MSFCP as I run out of storage space (this is a way of saying that if I had a wife this stuff wouldn't be stored here!) Why? Because as time passes I hear more complaints about Amazon and eBay and NONE of us are going to live forever... so I have to pick what I intend to do in the remaining years. At the moment The Chess Butler (me) offers excellent service even though I am downsizing my inventory. Life may be at a crossroads for how I am going to handle everything, efficiently. What's my fear? That people will give up on chess as an outlet of fun because of all the idiotic people out there who are selling chess stuff and have NO concept of service or payment! So while I have them, MSFCP is $33.95 + $6.00 for S&H (until Jan. 1, 2013).

I look back at 2012 in all its mustiness, violence, business insanity, and of course the bozos nonpareil (Congress and the president) and I am hoping for a better and prosperous 2013. So if I don't write again until we are in 2013, Happy New Year.


as Christie said when I walked into Barnes & Noble the other day, "Oh here is my favorite curmudgeon!" We talk books, movies, and music (no chess). Great big gal but very knowledgeable for someone in her mid-forties. We make each other laugh and of course that helps get everyone through the day. Most entertaining would-be and real authors are somewhat curmudgeon-like in their "off moments."

Back soon.

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