Friday, December 28, 2012


Will be downtown today from 1 pm to a little after 2 pm if you want to stop by.

That's: 1101 W. 4th St., Davenport, IA

And tomorrow (Saturday) from Noon to 2 p.m.


I hear from people all over the USA who wish they had something chess local (like me) where they could stop by and pick up books, sets (equipment), and chess stuff including some conversation, but here, in the Quad-Cities, you don't see that.

It's not a case of familiarity breeds contempt it's a case of cheapness and short-sightedness. I knew another bookseller (non chess) in the QC area who told me after he had closed a store on the other side of the river how people would call him up and lament the store closing even though it had been closed 5 years BEFORE those phone calls! Time flies, people forget and I do not forget the idea of CONVENIENCE.

Ya know, I am well aware people work during the week, and some on the weekends, but not every day, 24/7. It becomes a matter of "I oughta pick up that book on the endgame, but, nah, I wanna stay inside. Maybe next week." The next thing we know, they are gone. Two seconds worth of regrets then on to Wal-Mart: big parking lot, lines at the cash registers (I've had checks rejected for NO reason!)

Before I hear from someone who says "That's why it is easier to order online." True and untrue.

You can't inspect the goods online. You can return stuff but that is as big of a hassle as going somewhere.

What You Don't Know
But here's what a lot of people DO NOT KNOW. Studies have shown that online shopping has a tough time HOLDING the attention of the potential buyer who may flit from here to there, start comparison shopping, have difficulty with some of the web pages (many in fact) or not like the terms being offered. And so they leave, maybe never to return. In fact the stats are really against the online buyer. I wish I had the paperwork in front of my face, but someone popping online to ACTUALLY purchase something and then following through is NOT good except for last-minute gift decisions and even then... NOT good, not the right color, weight, shipping is too much...

I do some online shopping but not much and never chess. Many of these sites (not "sights" as I see so often) need a CONCIERGE... someone who really knows something about the products. I think, for a short while, that would be a FUN job to have. I said for "a short while" because I know eventually it would lead to some "taking advantage of someone else's time)." Shame.

A new short list of exceptional used books is going out today to those who hold the 2012 Black Gold Card--first! Then what is left will be shared with others who might be interested. You'll be glad you are a 2012 BGC holder.

For 2013 it will be the RED GOLD CARD and it is still $50 even after the beginning of our 5th year of doing this. I've got a whole page of BENEFITS I will be sending out soon.

I sent out a reminder catalog of special SALE prices good through December 31. I always get some last minute purchasers (and that is fine with me) and as some items are in serious limited supply, I urge those who want to save BIG to get that email, print it out, dive in, and fire off "ye olde order."
Thanks gang

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