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Recently I had been done some on-the-side research into Purdy's writings. I discovered that there was a lot of good stuff that hadn't been made public by the late compiler Ralph Tykodi. He was primarily concentrating on annotated games by Purdy with some occasional forays into suggestions by C.J.S. Purdy.

But as I dug through his Chess World and his earlier Australasian Chess Review some really great stuff popped up. (Check! only lasted one year.)

Did I write GREAT?

Absolutely. In one particular article from 1950 he says the most common question he got from students, friends, and his subscribers was "How can I improve?" Purdy's writings had some amazing magnetism because he not only said and did the right things he also had examples to... exemplify. Most of us today are lucky to ever get a letter from anyone and we get few emails because, these aren't thoughtful times--these are get it done quick and easy times because we have no patience; sorry to say.

When people travel only some can write a good travelogue and Purdy was one of them as he represented Australia vs. Manuel Aaron from India to become the Asia-Pacific champion, but it was not to be. He lost to Aaron 3-0. He was stunned. He wrote about it and it was pleasant as an experience for me to put it again into words. It shows HOW to recover from disaster that is personal.

1 BOND Street

Will be the title of the new publication to replace Purdy's Chess Chronicles (a name I never really liked). It was where in Sydney he had his shop, which housed books and sets, where he did his writing (also on the train), and where people came to see him. He was always late (mostly) in getting his publications out but I have no Purdy monthly ambitions.

The magazine will be at least 40 PACKED (smaller type) pages making 60 pages of the Purdy Chess Chronicles! But, the format will be the same size as the Chess Gangs of New York and London. It will be released once again as a PDF but a lot to read and enjoy. What a marvelous word: enjoy. Equivalent of 60 pages!!

It is a TON of work to produce even one copy and I wish I were a typist--I would get them done more quickly. However, once I started I didn't want to stop.

There will be 6 issues and I have asked his son in law Frank Hutchings for some more possible photos, pictures of the shop, more artifacts, etc. Let's see if he turns up anything.

The going rate is going to be $24.95 per issue and I can charge it on your credit card every two months (I will keep separate files). If you are REALLY into what this Australian had to offer however you can save $50.oo by subscribing to 1 BOND Street for $99.00. At the end of 2011 I wrote that I would probably be creating each magazine for $29.95 so there is a deal of savings for those who WANT ANSWERS as well as pleasurable reading.

I've learned from experience that 1 in 50 people who write for a Sample issue ever subscribe. I suspect they also get lots of catalogs too. Time wasters, frivolousness. Too old to care about wasting time--aren't you? Take a chance, if you don't like it I will refund your money and you can keep the first issue. You might think that is THE SAME THING as a SAMPLE issue but it isn't. Tire kickers are AFRAID to try something because while they are ripping off the publication by having no intention to buy, they are afraid you will rip them off if they send money. I am hoping that when they send the money and see the first issue, most of them will CONVERT! This is not my original idea, but it is when it comes to chess.

Send me an email with instructions on how you want to pay and where it is to be delivered. First issue will be out next Tuesday or Wednesday!

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