Friday, December 14, 2012


As Friday passes slowly into Saturday I think about ways of enriching, inspiring, and changing people's lives at this time of the year because most of us really do want "Peace on Earth," but 1 out of 25 people (on average) do not care about anyone but themselves.

As I took Ethics and Logic in College and have read my documents on the same subject over the years I have come to realize the Great Morals collapse of leading to "anything goes" as it appeared from its spectred from the 1960s.

Innocent, never hurt anybody kids, getting killed by a depraved maniac who had his demons today and HIS own type of "logic" for doing so.

I sat in a doctor's waiting room today and wondered, out loud, to a lady sitting close by, a legal Greek immigrant. She and I talked about "decay." I said, "What is next?" The answer is: "nothing." Nothing will be done after the services of all those kids and adults because we are surrounded by cowards who can never agree on anything, who are afraid of the gun lobby (which apparently has no conscience, hence the one in twenty five), who are afraid of having their "rights" taken away (which they gave up in the 60s), and who are afraid of REAL legislation mandating that everyone be subject to "mental illness scans over time."

You know who would object the most?
The politicians and social workers who have sold out (this includes a broad swath of positions and not just social workers). Did you know that if you touch, or violate the egg of a bald eagle you are subject to a $250,000 fine and possible jail time but, if you wipe out a fetus which is in the same parallel situation, nothing will happen to you? It defies ethics and logic because of the 1 sociopath in every 25 people who pretend to find a reason out of anything--morals be damned--IS it legal?

The Greek lady lamented that her daughter registered herself as a democrat to vote for same-sex marriage without realizing what that really entails. Justice Scalia queried recently as we slide down the slippery slope into depravity, when will murder and beastiality, etc. be OK? As we go it is a matter of time.

This is not a ramble as you may see it, it's a subject that will affect our current kids, their kids, and down the line. Smoking dope is now being legislated as OK because it "doesn't hurt anyone" even though it does. The residual effects stay in the blood stream a lot longer than a few minutes. Do you want a doctor who is using this to be operating on you? A UPS driver using this driving a big truck around on the streets just because until he hasn't killed somebody (yet) and how that translates into "he never will?"

We have forgotten to understand what EVIL really is and where it comes from. I heard from a European GM today and who had mentioned to me his daughter was quite sick and I said that I would pray for and suggest that he do so too. He replied that everyone in his family was okay with prayer but he had fallen off the wagon and that perhaps he should mend his ways.

Hey, it's never too late.
So today is a day of a date for me, working on 1 BOND Street and fixing up the typos, and watching the incessant coverage on TVs in doctor's offices and elsewhere covering a tragedy that most likely NO ONE will do anything about. It will be on the cover of TIME, the Sunday morning "talking heads" shows, etc. And they will DO NOTHING.

The politicians wouldn't submit to a "mental health examination" because they pass laws exempting themselves saying "We are your leaders you just don't understand, we are trying to help." I've got news for these guys without a conscience, "Quit worrying about getting re-elected, worrying what your friends and constituents believe (we already believe that our "leaders" are losers) or think. It's really, really sad that these kids will have no more Christmases. It could have been your child or grandchild. Maybe it was.

And one thing I thought about, a lot, "Why are these things happening in affluent neighborhoods, in schools where parents and kids have everything, and why these killer "kids" are so unsatisfied and insecure and have no moral compass?" How can we allow traumatic assault weapons (I know what these are as I studied this stuff when I worked for DoD)?

Don't dismiss evil as a cause. Get right with your creator, the one who allows these things to happen and who wants US (that's right, US) to get back on the track we were once on. People ask, "God, how can you let this happen?" WE let it happen because we live in a "fantasy world" of "do no harm." God as warned us, plenty of times, WE choose to ignore him except when WE are suffering the pain. Until these state and federal politicians eventually SUFFER from such outrage, NOTHING will be done. They keep putting up defensive systems for themselves, but not for us. You cannot LOCK OUT evil unless you have WILL.

Most of us want to continue to sell, teach, do law, farm, work, pray, and live... but crap keeps getting in the way and we are always called to do something about it. We just concluded this divisive election and I don't see us any closer to truth and compromise. We elect representatives and they do not represent anyone but themselves and even there they do that poorly.

The 1 in 25? That's what is estimated to be the number of sociopaths in any group and sociopaths do not care. They have no conscience and in business, or the military, in science, in instruction, people are AFRAID of them and ignore them hoping they will go away. They do not.

No concern.
It's time for real leadership. When I was interviewing for a job by going to a headhunter business I was told one thing that BIG US businesses were looking for was leadership and there was such a shortage of it because greed and power kept getting in the way and there was no concern for others, businesses (such as working conditions, patent theft and tons more), the American, or even the foreigner.

We build these monstrosity buildings in Washington D.C. and populate them with people who are "just doing their job." I suspect, don't you, that they no longer know what their job is. As long as they want what they want the COST doesn't matter, the implementation doesn't matter, and the results will "come around." How come this never happens? We live in a Utopia which isn't a utopia.

It is times like this, and I know it sounds corny, where a simple game like chess can eschew politics, can instruct, can help our logic, can straighten our ethics (no cheating at chess), and have some entertainment for a brief time while getting to know others.

We can't despair but we can pray. When WE can feel helpless, like after 9/11, we can still pray and let the Big Guy do the rest and bring out the wisdom in the rest of us. But like in chess, HOPE is not much of a strategy. If we do nothing else, we can still pray. Not tomorrow, but at this moment. Stop for a moment and do so. We don't need a day of prayer, we need a lifetime of prayer.


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