Monday, December 31, 2012


Wishing you all the best for 2013.
People want bigger or smaller government and I would be reasonably satisfied if we HAD government.

In the end guys and gals it's up to us because the people in Washington have waited, once again, to the last minute (or second). They could've worked this out a year ago but everyone is afraid to put their toe in the water. I am betting that if the major players were locked in a cell and threatened with execution (in other words, these millionaires would have SOMETHING at stake, their life) by midnight if they didn't have a viable plan worked out, you KNOW they would come up with a compromise.

On To Something Else

I want to thank my customers who hung in with me through 2012.

I want to thank (seriously) those who responded in the last few days to my sales just before the New Year.  It raises much needed cash, shows me who is still alive, and allows me to start the new year with some new thoughts and ideas.

Tomorrow or the next day I am sending out an investment idea because my shop/building is on its last legs (to the banker and property tax guy). Ya now, you work extremely hard to keep making those payments and when you fail (such as with property taxes) someone else comes along and makes the payments. By the time you make the payback, more insanity has taken place. Bankers want me to have a regular income (or, in my case, income) and I am tired of bankers (doubtful, that's only a euphemism), people who want my building and have no $$$ (I have no idea what they are thinking!) Dreamers without practicality probably. Maybe we all start there.

At any rate... thank you and now I think I will go make some scrambled eggs. Seriously.

PS: So far it looks like it's the building in trouble, losing thousands of bucks over the years, not the business (meh)... I'll still be here in 2013. Make note of that.


Blogging is a time-saver for me and apparently something some like to read. I guess there are blogs out there with thousands of registered readers and mine has only 36. The funny thing is I suspect most chess guys are voyeurs and seriously non-committal types. They duck in now and then and then leave. Some are afraid Google will track them--my gawd are YOU that important?

It would be nice to get advertising to support what I write but it will only happen if thousands of people "hook up." I'm afraid that my blog is not a gossip-column about who in chess is gay, who is suicidal, who lost their ass in 2012, etc. It's really about what is happening at The Chess Butler. Go to TMZ for all that other stuff.

Here's the deal. In my recent emailing I mentioned having only 4 copies of Modern Chess Brilliancies (Hustled) left, the book by Gossip and Pillsbury, at $59.95. Well now I have 1, maybe 2 (I am still straightening out the mess on my work bench). Hardbound. Was reading it this morning. Some of Pillsbury's comments are priceless. Probably your last chance.

Contact me today (I am amazed at those who contacted and had forgotten all about it!! Life in a putty knife factory is a must read for all H. Allen Smith Comedy Devotees).

Friday, December 28, 2012


Will be downtown today from 1 pm to a little after 2 pm if you want to stop by.

That's: 1101 W. 4th St., Davenport, IA

And tomorrow (Saturday) from Noon to 2 p.m.


I hear from people all over the USA who wish they had something chess local (like me) where they could stop by and pick up books, sets (equipment), and chess stuff including some conversation, but here, in the Quad-Cities, you don't see that.

It's not a case of familiarity breeds contempt it's a case of cheapness and short-sightedness. I knew another bookseller (non chess) in the QC area who told me after he had closed a store on the other side of the river how people would call him up and lament the store closing even though it had been closed 5 years BEFORE those phone calls! Time flies, people forget and I do not forget the idea of CONVENIENCE.

Ya know, I am well aware people work during the week, and some on the weekends, but not every day, 24/7. It becomes a matter of "I oughta pick up that book on the endgame, but, nah, I wanna stay inside. Maybe next week." The next thing we know, they are gone. Two seconds worth of regrets then on to Wal-Mart: big parking lot, lines at the cash registers (I've had checks rejected for NO reason!)

Before I hear from someone who says "That's why it is easier to order online." True and untrue.

You can't inspect the goods online. You can return stuff but that is as big of a hassle as going somewhere.

What You Don't Know
But here's what a lot of people DO NOT KNOW. Studies have shown that online shopping has a tough time HOLDING the attention of the potential buyer who may flit from here to there, start comparison shopping, have difficulty with some of the web pages (many in fact) or not like the terms being offered. And so they leave, maybe never to return. In fact the stats are really against the online buyer. I wish I had the paperwork in front of my face, but someone popping online to ACTUALLY purchase something and then following through is NOT good except for last-minute gift decisions and even then... NOT good, not the right color, weight, shipping is too much...

I do some online shopping but not much and never chess. Many of these sites (not "sights" as I see so often) need a CONCIERGE... someone who really knows something about the products. I think, for a short while, that would be a FUN job to have. I said for "a short while" because I know eventually it would lead to some "taking advantage of someone else's time)." Shame.

A new short list of exceptional used books is going out today to those who hold the 2012 Black Gold Card--first! Then what is left will be shared with others who might be interested. You'll be glad you are a 2012 BGC holder.

For 2013 it will be the RED GOLD CARD and it is still $50 even after the beginning of our 5th year of doing this. I've got a whole page of BENEFITS I will be sending out soon.

I sent out a reminder catalog of special SALE prices good through December 31. I always get some last minute purchasers (and that is fine with me) and as some items are in serious limited supply, I urge those who want to save BIG to get that email, print it out, dive in, and fire off "ye olde order."
Thanks gang

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


On Friday at 1 p.m. until (?) I will be at the shop at 1101 W. 4th Street to meet with my old friend Art Hernandez. With Art I have to have to NEW and OLD stuff out for him to select and of course we trade stories... we both have lots of them.

On Saturday at the same location in Davenport, Iowa I will be open from Noon to 2 p.m. for more of the same.

Chess sets, books, maybe magazines... all the schlepping back and forth does get old. If we don't have new snow you can park in front of or at the side of the shop and get a chance to see how the cities' roadgrader tore up my lawn moving snow off of the street. In some post, maybe years ago, I mentioned how the drivers of these monsters can run over anything. I knew one guy, a short dude, who went he got into one of these earthmovers would ride high in the saddle and get as big (puffed up) as he thought his "you-know-what" was! The incarnate Little Big Man!

So if you are looking for a Last Hurrah before the year is over... stop in. I never know who will show because many more people read this blog than are "officially" tapped into it!


Bill Murray and Robert Duvall were in a terrific movie called Down Low.

But I have something a little different in mind: Chess Garage and Chess Attic, the low and the high. It will be two different strata of catalogs. One for the inexpensive stuff (Chess Garage) and one for the more expensive (Chess Attic). Work begins next week--and work it will be but I hope to convince you that doing business with the Chess Butler is the best there is.

In the meantime the Nov-Dec catalog I released with the ridiculously low prices will be updated today and released again to the end of the year. That is, prices will be good through Next Monday, Dec. 31. Some of my customers told me they would pick up stuff "later" so, later is here.

Three Gems Disappearing Fast:

The first is Modern Chess Brilliancies (Hustled) by George Gossip & Harry Pillsbury. I have 4 left at $59.95. A great 100 page book in hardcover full of notes left by Pillsbury probably from HIS personal copy. Great fun, great reading and it will be a collectible (telling you in advance).

The second is The Chess Assassin's Business Manual--a collection of business stories and chess stories about the businesses I've run. If I remember correctly it runs about 300 pages, 7x10 in size. Also includes lots of photos and artwork too from 1965 to 2008. I've thought about splitting the book into two parts but, no time so far... and maybe update, but, no time so far.

The third is My Search for Chess Perfection by C.J.S. Purdy. Lately with my work on 1 BOND Street (the new magazine about Purdy and His Friends) I have been reading through the pages of MSFCP again and some ideas are percolating. There will be a shelf life to MSFCP as I run out of storage space (this is a way of saying that if I had a wife this stuff wouldn't be stored here!) Why? Because as time passes I hear more complaints about Amazon and eBay and NONE of us are going to live forever... so I have to pick what I intend to do in the remaining years. At the moment The Chess Butler (me) offers excellent service even though I am downsizing my inventory. Life may be at a crossroads for how I am going to handle everything, efficiently. What's my fear? That people will give up on chess as an outlet of fun because of all the idiotic people out there who are selling chess stuff and have NO concept of service or payment! So while I have them, MSFCP is $33.95 + $6.00 for S&H (until Jan. 1, 2013).

I look back at 2012 in all its mustiness, violence, business insanity, and of course the bozos nonpareil (Congress and the president) and I am hoping for a better and prosperous 2013. So if I don't write again until we are in 2013, Happy New Year.


as Christie said when I walked into Barnes & Noble the other day, "Oh here is my favorite curmudgeon!" We talk books, movies, and music (no chess). Great big gal but very knowledgeable for someone in her mid-forties. We make each other laugh and of course that helps get everyone through the day. Most entertaining would-be and real authors are somewhat curmudgeon-like in their "off moments."

Back soon.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


I was at my shop Friday between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. for a continuation of Thursday last week and selling items from the Dale Suilmann collection.

Two people showed and both were buyers.
Isaac Newton (his real name) got a very nice rosewood and boxwood set, 4.25" King and weighted like Samson's butt! He was able to check out all the pieces in advance (which you can't do on eBay). He put all the pieces on a board (a common request of mine)  to verify they were all there. The set weighed almost 5 pounds!

Ed Reedy picked up three books (Ed doesn't care whether the notation is Descriptive or algebraic--I like Ed).

Am open tomorrow morning for a bit at 11 a.m. for John Hartmann (Omaha). Anyone else want to stop by at that time?

Always glad to meet my customers. Still taking orders via email and phone (563-271-6657). Keep my phone with me...a pad and pen would be a good idea too!

Today I taught my grandson (8.5) how to play chess! His Dad helped a bit. Alex seemed to have a great time. I suspect we will have a winner here!

PURDY -- 1 BOND Street
Keeps selling every other day! More info coming. Have to get off now, the internet is "crawling."

Monday, December 17, 2012


Ridiculous and Freedom
I am thinking of designating Mondays of my week as "ridiculous" and Fridays as "freedom."

I need to buy stuff for my customers so Monday would be a good day to do all bill paying, one day of the week. That way I would remember. I get a lot of really dumb stuff in my mail and I have to start sorting it faster and it's not just from insurance companies. My bank is a pain in the ass, for example. I am getting constant reminders from credit card companies and internet companies to use them (GoDaddy for example requires having a full time proctologist!), change to them and there is NO good reason to do so. My current CC company notes I have "reward points" coming and wants to give me choices from well known gift cards. Yet I hesitate because I see when I go ostensibly to THEIR web site, there are too many requirements they want for me to get the damn card! They want to know about my loans, other credit cards, etc., etc. With all the database mining these days and computer retrieval stuff out their they could assemble all this crap themselves but they want me to verify with THEM what I already know (and they do too), Yes, there are people with similar names, and maybe from the same town, but we don't have the same Soc. Sec. # and if they deny having that info, we know they are lying. Would other members of my family misuse these emails. I am sure it happens. They should be instantly executed! There is no family or quests at my offices... you would think they would know that also!

Now Friday is interesting because for years I have wanted to take off Friday for at least Friday afternoon. Not too successful with that one! In fact, this Friday I have another 1-5 p.m. sprint of displaying more of Dale's collection (and maybe some other things I have). It's a great place to get an inexpensive wooden chess set or a very expensive wooden chess set... maybe in a terrific box. Or magazines, or bound Chess Life volumes for many years, Chess Digest, and tons of other books like Olms (in the flesh and more than you probably recognize).

It seems that everyone is holding their crotch and waiting to see what the "fiscal cliff" will bring. It's going to bring more taxes in some shape or form. Everyone was getting a deal AFTER the Clinton administration but it is doubtful if any was "socked away." I know I didn't it was tough enough as it was. I can tell things are different now as I hear from Staples every day, Vista Print, and lots more. I am doing "Unsubscribes" right and left and it's not helping much. My emails are shorter. Everyone is offering deals except:::: TADA, the grocery stores! Now the grocery stores have a special way of hiding their "deals." In just the last month prices are going up all over the place like 20%!!! (If you haven't noticed I pity you, you aren't paying attention.) Then they have gas-saver fuel cards (so you will buy stuff you don't ordinarily buy!), rewards cards, cheaper breakfast on Thursday mornings, etc... which brings the price down to what you were paying two months ago! But for those who don't pay attention or don't care about these services, the grocery stores make more, even though the gas prices have fallen like a rock (that one is amazing in itself).

I remember the "old" days when I would get out a Chernev or Horowitz book, put some music on listening to Gene  Pitney or Roy Orbison and just enjoying myself (at home). Kill a couple great hours that way. We can still do that but now there are organizations who are having 1-3 meetings per month. I got two notices today about a special supper tonight and 2 last week (maybe more). There are dumb people out there who forget (raising hand) who who don't care enough to put it on a calendar and then forget to look at the calendar (me again). I would rather work on a Purdy project or SCORE or a new book because I know that provides LASTING pleasure of more than one evening. I am going tonight because some is going with me (that I can remember) but I hope there are no speeches or other crap. Just sort of: "Glad you are here, you deserve a time out and we are paying for it. There will be 4 entrees to choose from. Thanks for coming. The END."

I will say that once in a while someone will make a toast or small speech and they are fun to listen to, but not often. If any of you belong to LINKEDIN you know what I mean when someone suggests that I (Bob Long) has endorsed me in the area of "Public Speaking." By a financial advisor who I recently "unsubscribed" myself from. I hardly know this guy and know of NO instances where he has heard me speak!

Tuesday through Thursday and Friday morning (plus weekends)... I work harder than you can imagine. Last night I finished the basic proofing of SCORE 24 from Igor Stohl at 2 a.m. Got up at 9 a.m. and haven't had a shower yet, but, it's coming! His article on the Meran and Anti-Meran is a super Christmas present to subscribers and soon I will be telling you why and the subscription rate is just a smidgen for something that is almost a book and at the perfect time of the Holiday Season. As I said, more in a few days and I hope you subscribe. Minus maniacs like last Friday, there are a lot of good things going on and soon I will be filling you in, in spades. Whew!

Friday, December 14, 2012


As Friday passes slowly into Saturday I think about ways of enriching, inspiring, and changing people's lives at this time of the year because most of us really do want "Peace on Earth," but 1 out of 25 people (on average) do not care about anyone but themselves.

As I took Ethics and Logic in College and have read my documents on the same subject over the years I have come to realize the Great Morals collapse of leading to "anything goes" as it appeared from its spectred from the 1960s.

Innocent, never hurt anybody kids, getting killed by a depraved maniac who had his demons today and HIS own type of "logic" for doing so.

I sat in a doctor's waiting room today and wondered, out loud, to a lady sitting close by, a legal Greek immigrant. She and I talked about "decay." I said, "What is next?" The answer is: "nothing." Nothing will be done after the services of all those kids and adults because we are surrounded by cowards who can never agree on anything, who are afraid of the gun lobby (which apparently has no conscience, hence the one in twenty five), who are afraid of having their "rights" taken away (which they gave up in the 60s), and who are afraid of REAL legislation mandating that everyone be subject to "mental illness scans over time."

You know who would object the most?
The politicians and social workers who have sold out (this includes a broad swath of positions and not just social workers). Did you know that if you touch, or violate the egg of a bald eagle you are subject to a $250,000 fine and possible jail time but, if you wipe out a fetus which is in the same parallel situation, nothing will happen to you? It defies ethics and logic because of the 1 sociopath in every 25 people who pretend to find a reason out of anything--morals be damned--IS it legal?

The Greek lady lamented that her daughter registered herself as a democrat to vote for same-sex marriage without realizing what that really entails. Justice Scalia queried recently as we slide down the slippery slope into depravity, when will murder and beastiality, etc. be OK? As we go it is a matter of time.

This is not a ramble as you may see it, it's a subject that will affect our current kids, their kids, and down the line. Smoking dope is now being legislated as OK because it "doesn't hurt anyone" even though it does. The residual effects stay in the blood stream a lot longer than a few minutes. Do you want a doctor who is using this to be operating on you? A UPS driver using this driving a big truck around on the streets just because until he hasn't killed somebody (yet) and how that translates into "he never will?"

We have forgotten to understand what EVIL really is and where it comes from. I heard from a European GM today and who had mentioned to me his daughter was quite sick and I said that I would pray for and suggest that he do so too. He replied that everyone in his family was okay with prayer but he had fallen off the wagon and that perhaps he should mend his ways.

Hey, it's never too late.
So today is a day of a date for me, working on 1 BOND Street and fixing up the typos, and watching the incessant coverage on TVs in doctor's offices and elsewhere covering a tragedy that most likely NO ONE will do anything about. It will be on the cover of TIME, the Sunday morning "talking heads" shows, etc. And they will DO NOTHING.

The politicians wouldn't submit to a "mental health examination" because they pass laws exempting themselves saying "We are your leaders you just don't understand, we are trying to help." I've got news for these guys without a conscience, "Quit worrying about getting re-elected, worrying what your friends and constituents believe (we already believe that our "leaders" are losers) or think. It's really, really sad that these kids will have no more Christmases. It could have been your child or grandchild. Maybe it was.

And one thing I thought about, a lot, "Why are these things happening in affluent neighborhoods, in schools where parents and kids have everything, and why these killer "kids" are so unsatisfied and insecure and have no moral compass?" How can we allow traumatic assault weapons (I know what these are as I studied this stuff when I worked for DoD)?

Don't dismiss evil as a cause. Get right with your creator, the one who allows these things to happen and who wants US (that's right, US) to get back on the track we were once on. People ask, "God, how can you let this happen?" WE let it happen because we live in a "fantasy world" of "do no harm." God as warned us, plenty of times, WE choose to ignore him except when WE are suffering the pain. Until these state and federal politicians eventually SUFFER from such outrage, NOTHING will be done. They keep putting up defensive systems for themselves, but not for us. You cannot LOCK OUT evil unless you have WILL.

Most of us want to continue to sell, teach, do law, farm, work, pray, and live... but crap keeps getting in the way and we are always called to do something about it. We just concluded this divisive election and I don't see us any closer to truth and compromise. We elect representatives and they do not represent anyone but themselves and even there they do that poorly.

The 1 in 25? That's what is estimated to be the number of sociopaths in any group and sociopaths do not care. They have no conscience and in business, or the military, in science, in instruction, people are AFRAID of them and ignore them hoping they will go away. They do not.

No concern.
It's time for real leadership. When I was interviewing for a job by going to a headhunter business I was told one thing that BIG US businesses were looking for was leadership and there was such a shortage of it because greed and power kept getting in the way and there was no concern for others, businesses (such as working conditions, patent theft and tons more), the American, or even the foreigner.

We build these monstrosity buildings in Washington D.C. and populate them with people who are "just doing their job." I suspect, don't you, that they no longer know what their job is. As long as they want what they want the COST doesn't matter, the implementation doesn't matter, and the results will "come around." How come this never happens? We live in a Utopia which isn't a utopia.

It is times like this, and I know it sounds corny, where a simple game like chess can eschew politics, can instruct, can help our logic, can straighten our ethics (no cheating at chess), and have some entertainment for a brief time while getting to know others.

We can't despair but we can pray. When WE can feel helpless, like after 9/11, we can still pray and let the Big Guy do the rest and bring out the wisdom in the rest of us. But like in chess, HOPE is not much of a strategy. If we do nothing else, we can still pray. Not tomorrow, but at this moment. Stop for a moment and do so. We don't need a day of prayer, we need a lifetime of prayer.


Thursday, December 13, 2012


When I sell or am open or go to tournaments I always expect and hope to do well or I don't go. That doesn't mean my expectations are always met but that's what I go into the fracas feeling.

Some years ago when I was in the magic effects business I went with my Demo Man to an event in Decatur IL for a one day convene with magicians. I loaded up my LTD and we drove a long way. At the end of the day John and I were depressed. We had enough stuff with us to sink the Bismarck! We didn't know we would have competition, we weren't told that. It turns out we sold 4X what the other guy did and twice as much as the Pro from St. Louis we replaced. We weren't satisfied.

Shoot for the MOON!

I've had an organizer fire me when she told me where to sell and how to sell. I was not  invited back the next year because I ignored her! For the next couple years they invited various bozos  who it turned out she couldn't stand (maybe they DID what she told them to do!) either. Well, she invited me me back, eventually, and their percentages were up again! And we got along just great. Really.

Probably what annoys them is when I say, "You are the organizer, do I make suggestions about how you can do a better job?" The answer, of course, is no I don't.

Today Mark Capron paid me a compliment. Mark said they had a record turnout at the Iowa Open this year, about 130 or more. Said he copied an idea I once had about charging out of towners less in Entry Fees! (What a concept!) Unfortunately he lost the site for next year because the NEW hotel management accused chess players (falsely he adds) about ruining the ceiling in one of the rooms and they complained about it a week later after OTHER groups had been in that room.

So today was a success. The most people I had seen in my Gentlemens Chess Club "shoppe" in many a moon and not only that, they made it worth my while to hang around until 5:00 p.m. Of course I am now bone-tired.

Lots of chess sets, dvds, and books most of us haven't seen in a long time lead the way. Lots of war stories. fun, cookie eating, and renewing old acquaintances.
Even a couple guys were there to look at my building and asked about the "leasing rates." Who knows?

I must say that Dale Suilmann's chess sets were a very fine lot generating many questions and even a sale with maybe more coming.

Going to do this one more time before Christmas: December 21 from 1 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. because I am a glutton for punishment. Different sets and books too--that's how much stuff I have. Should be able to let you know next week what to expect. Nice to see Scott Johnson and his son Matt too for the first time.

Wished I had remembered to make some hot chocolate.

This is the part of chess the "internetters" have forgotten about--the camaraderie of meeting, face-to-face, good friends and old friends.

Thanks for coming guys.

PS: By the way Charles Dickens stole that headline from me!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Many cool, older, and memorable items will be on display, for SALE (I have to throw that in to disappoint those who treat things like this as something I "aimlessly do" with all my spare time--don't ask me to explain it--I can't!)

Thursday afternoon at 1101 W. 4th St., Davenport, IA. From 1-5 p.m.

Lots of books, many in original hardcover, and lots of chess sets, too many for me to have them all ready for this Thursday so I will try to make a representative selection.

In the book realm there are all kinds of ENDINGs books by Averbakh, Smyslov, etc. in DN and alg. not. Batsford and Pergamon.

Middlegame books 1-2 by Euww and Kramer.

Kasparov books, autographed... I hope they never release these in paperback because they will almost be non-sellers.

Chess Informant books on combinations, the middlegame and many of their other projects I'm sure.

Bound Chess Life's, CHESS, Helm's American Chess Bulletin, Chess Digest and who knows what else?

At this time prefer to sell complete sets rather than one here or there. If I was selling your collection (who knows? I've sold famous and infamous ones) would you want ME to divide it up and have left overs? This is a "consignment sale" too much in the way of desirables to be able to afford to buy like I used to do in the 90s. But... the good jazz is here, all in English it appears.

Hope you can make it. Maybe do something out of the box for a change, eh? I am. I'm going to my shop when I would rather work out of my office and will be lugging things down there and back. That's hours lost right there.


PS: If there is something special you would like me to hold for you because you can't make it, let me know. I am already creating a MENTAL "watch list."

As to the 1 BOND Street series of 6 by Purdy, the subscriptions are trending upward. Several more today. Someone asked me if there would be a Gold Card price and I said the $99 is it. The Butler price will go up at the end of the year. NOW, for a brief time, if you are  a customer, of any kind, you can subscribe at the $99 price. I know some will forget (probably people like me) and ask if they can get the "favorable" price later and then that defeats the purpose of rewarding those who ACT NOW. $99. The GOOD stuff.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Near the end of this week (Fri.) my Gentlemens Chess Club calendar which I had sent to many --says I will be selling "stuff" during the time I was open.

That has been moved to Thursday and for GOOD REASON.

What is that?

THE EVENT! It will be from 1-5 p.m. Thursday afternoon AND it will have lots of books, chess sets and magazines (many bound) there. (Address below.)

My good buddy Roger Sadeghi (he is a professor of physics and lives in Switzerland) said it was CRUEL for me to hold that even here so far away from him and crazy air fare. I admit, I had to agree with him.

One reason for this stellar event is to see if I can get locals and those from within a 200 miles radius to show up (car driving). That's 3-4 hours. Since Dale Suilmann, the fellow who is disposing, drove 12 hours round trip, in one day... I think we can say that Dale had the more difficult task.

Mention of the Life and Times of Mikhail Tal autographed book made one good fellow I know, Rick R., reschedule his work flow! Way to go Rick. See, it can be done! (Of course I always knew it could be in 90% of the cases).

So... mark that on your calendar--this week!

Also, I will be open for a while on Friday the following week. Haven't yet determined the hours. I hate to stay there all day at 1101 W. 4th St., Davenport, IOWA and have no one show up. This time, there are amazing reasons to be here. Ebony and non ebony sets with great PRICING you gotta love it).


1 BOND Street is ready to go except for the cover design which I am hoping is finished tonight or tomorrow. It will be 6 issues of at least 40 packed pages (the first one is 42 pgs. + cover). Some of the coolest CJS Purdy stuff ever. $99 for a LIMITED time for those 6 issues. If you want to buy the individual issues as they come out, they will be $24.95 each, in PDF form.


BTW, already three subscriptions have come in. If you loved the Purdy Chess Chronicles you will really like these. Lots of little known or unknown stuff and games which are not necessarily in ChessBase!

Friday, December 7, 2012


Recently I had been done some on-the-side research into Purdy's writings. I discovered that there was a lot of good stuff that hadn't been made public by the late compiler Ralph Tykodi. He was primarily concentrating on annotated games by Purdy with some occasional forays into suggestions by C.J.S. Purdy.

But as I dug through his Chess World and his earlier Australasian Chess Review some really great stuff popped up. (Check! only lasted one year.)

Did I write GREAT?

Absolutely. In one particular article from 1950 he says the most common question he got from students, friends, and his subscribers was "How can I improve?" Purdy's writings had some amazing magnetism because he not only said and did the right things he also had examples to... exemplify. Most of us today are lucky to ever get a letter from anyone and we get few emails because, these aren't thoughtful times--these are get it done quick and easy times because we have no patience; sorry to say.

When people travel only some can write a good travelogue and Purdy was one of them as he represented Australia vs. Manuel Aaron from India to become the Asia-Pacific champion, but it was not to be. He lost to Aaron 3-0. He was stunned. He wrote about it and it was pleasant as an experience for me to put it again into words. It shows HOW to recover from disaster that is personal.

1 BOND Street

Will be the title of the new publication to replace Purdy's Chess Chronicles (a name I never really liked). It was where in Sydney he had his shop, which housed books and sets, where he did his writing (also on the train), and where people came to see him. He was always late (mostly) in getting his publications out but I have no Purdy monthly ambitions.

The magazine will be at least 40 PACKED (smaller type) pages making 60 pages of the Purdy Chess Chronicles! But, the format will be the same size as the Chess Gangs of New York and London. It will be released once again as a PDF but a lot to read and enjoy. What a marvelous word: enjoy. Equivalent of 60 pages!!

It is a TON of work to produce even one copy and I wish I were a typist--I would get them done more quickly. However, once I started I didn't want to stop.

There will be 6 issues and I have asked his son in law Frank Hutchings for some more possible photos, pictures of the shop, more artifacts, etc. Let's see if he turns up anything.

The going rate is going to be $24.95 per issue and I can charge it on your credit card every two months (I will keep separate files). If you are REALLY into what this Australian had to offer however you can save $50.oo by subscribing to 1 BOND Street for $99.00. At the end of 2011 I wrote that I would probably be creating each magazine for $29.95 so there is a deal of savings for those who WANT ANSWERS as well as pleasurable reading.

I've learned from experience that 1 in 50 people who write for a Sample issue ever subscribe. I suspect they also get lots of catalogs too. Time wasters, frivolousness. Too old to care about wasting time--aren't you? Take a chance, if you don't like it I will refund your money and you can keep the first issue. You might think that is THE SAME THING as a SAMPLE issue but it isn't. Tire kickers are AFRAID to try something because while they are ripping off the publication by having no intention to buy, they are afraid you will rip them off if they send money. I am hoping that when they send the money and see the first issue, most of them will CONVERT! This is not my original idea, but it is when it comes to chess.

Send me an email with instructions on how you want to pay and where it is to be delivered. First issue will be out next Tuesday or Wednesday!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I am getting inquiries and from some I didn't know out there. I do look through my shelves and report on what I have. Waiting for the actual orders to come in.

Perhaps one or two are hoping I am desperate (I am desperate for space and to clean my place up!) and will let them go for under other "online" prices. This isn't exactly my goal. My goal is to help out collectors or "completion addicts" (I once was one so I know the feeling) not to drop the price for someone to sell it to someone else for a much higher price (resellers without being resellers, or perhaps, resellers without a country!)

When I get a chance I will eventually create a LIST because there are books that few know I even did! While Chess Digest was putting out lots of openings monographs years ago, I had nothing to do with that except I made the diagrams for Ken using type fonts on a Compugraphic system--this was in the 1980s when I was obsessed about chess fonts and publishing.


Eclecticism probably describes my chess business the best. I also do posters and if you have a favorite chess player you would like a poster of, say 5 foot tall and 2.5 feet wide I do those. In general, just one, and for you. (Some pictures are very hard to find.) If you have a favorite picture, perhaps one you took, talk to me (563-271-6657).

They are $199 + shipping IF I can find a decent picture. To find hard to get pictures I may have to pay someone and thus the fee will be more, They are usually in 2 colors: black plus a background color. I can email the file to my printer and then go pick it up when it is done.

Of course this is a very novel present and to hang it on your door or wall in double thickness poster paper, that is definitely the "cat's meow," even if it was Alekhine's cat "Chess."

I work on these "off and on" but if I can find a suitable picture (will run it by you) I would say 10 business days or less.

Just an IDEA! contact bob:

PS: Is my email address "insufferably long?" I know people do not know what a "thinker" is so I must have a lisp (as far as I know, I don't) or "gravel" in my mouth when I say it on the phone... but really? I have one for the Chess Butler but I haven't released it yet. Besides, the Butler is retail, TPi is everything. You know who complains the MOST? Yep, people who want something for free! You guessed it didn't you?

Saturday, December 1, 2012


When these are gone, that's it!

Lots of commercial bills to pay so I am selling off "most" of the private Thinkers' Press Library. These are the books (I have a lot of titles but not sure I have EVERY title) I set aside (when I think of it) in quantities of 1-2 in case I need reference points for future publishing.

I already had an inquiry this morning for Vol. 1 of the first in the CJS Purdy Fine Art of Annotation series. These books are like new or mint if you will because I just take a copy from the box and stick them on the shelf.

At this time I do not have time to make a list so please don't ask for one yet. Some will no doubt just want to know what I think some titles are worth. I don't, as I write preceding, have time for that. If you are looking for a certain title and I have it, I will quote you a price. Please do me a favor and give me your name and address. I have to quote postage too so knowing where you live is pretty helpful.

If, for example, you are looking for a copy of "Exploring the Chess Openings" by Hugh Myers, if I have it, I will quote you a price.

For the vast majority of titles I was the editor or publisher. If for some reason you want me to autograph the book I will. Books must be paid for before I ship. Credit card, PayPal, and checks and money orders are OK. It really will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. I will not hold or set any books aside as that invariably leads to piles of books on my work table and people trying to save on postage--this is not about that... for collectors.

Contact Bob Long: