Sunday, November 25, 2012


What an interesting day!

A friend invited me for lunch after church and to go target shooting! No problem with that but too cold for me.

I then moseyed back home and took in some knowledge from a ChessBase Magazine DVD. Really, quite good stuff this GM Rogozenko guy.

I printed out a 30% off coupon and trundeled out to Barnes & Noble to see about picking up a book I had seen the day before on "Manipulating the Media." I forget the exact name, but by Ryan somebody. On the back cover Robert Greene was promoting the book. In the book the author was promoting a Robert Greene book... no, this was not lost on me.

I spent some time looking at it and came away feeling jaded. Apparently, many blogs are "fixed" in the form of making money for promos, advertising, PR, etc. and it's all about "eyes." I had known that but it is more widespread than I realized, but, maybe not so much in chess! Chess is uniformly dull and hard to write about (don't give up yet, see more paragraphs.) I tossed the coupon away.

In my newest book (here's my plug but that's why MY blog exists, to plug MY stuff and trot out some decent information from time to time) The Critical Secrets for Planning at Chess and Anything Else, I refer to an "Exit Strategy" or writing for money, and to do it about chess! Can chess be raised from "dull" to something exhilarating. I think so and I hope the American entrepreneur who was "given reins" by FIDE for the World Chess Championships can do just that! Whether he has total autonomy I do not know but I am against this nonsense about making chess an olympic sport, it already is--the chess olympiads. Most anything can be done but it takes discipline and drive and that 10% talent thing.

Recently I asked a friend if she had read "Fifty Shades of Grey" and she said "yes." Maybe all three, written by a former TV Executive, E.L. James (probably a pseudonym). It's very HOT right now although I am not sure why because the back cover blurb is pretty "typical" of erotica and romance novels. All the women are reading it. Guys, find out if you need to KNOW something!

There is a real "lust" for something NEW all the time and in the end it doesn't matter as already hundreds of copies are available on websites in previously owned editions. I don't peruse or "see" chess like that. As I was watching Rogozenko's video on the Richter-Veresov I was fascinated by what I didn't know. And it bears repeat watching.

Speaking of writing and "promises" I will be sending out tonight the two unpublished chapters of Critical Secrets to those who bought #2. I am doing a final read through to catch typos or to clarify.

If you are entitled to one (and you can get these PDFs if you buy the book--$59.95 + S&H) give me some feedback will you? I had learned a long time ago NOT to assume the worst. One student of mine stared at me while lecturing like he was from the 4th Dimension. Afterward I asked, "Did you get anything out of this?" He said, "It was fantastic, you saved me a lot of time by the direction you took!" I sure wouldn't have guessed that! He apparently was really sucking it in.


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