Saturday, November 3, 2012


Someone once said that "Ignorance is no excuse" when it is something you should have learned in school or in life.

Then someone ignorantly said, "If you need to know something look it up on the net!" That is not necessarily true is it?

You must know some things in order to competently ask for something else. Even using a dictionary requires using some words--which are IN the dictionary.

So how come when it comes to chess people say anything, then repeat it, and then it gets repeated until it is a "fact?" Er, correct that.... it becomes a mess.

What I would love for viewers to do is send in things they have seen and heard but for which they know are incorrect. This is not an Edward Winter test and as of yet I haven't thought of publishing a collection of these.

Fact is, this happens in every discipline. In Amir Aczel's A Strange Wilderness he recounts a story that "when K.F. Gauss was 'two' he..." I have read other ages such as 3, or 4. Who is right? Does it matter? Well, yes it does because one of these days someone is going to say, "When Gauss was in Mina's womb..." How do these perversions begin? I have read a lot about Gauss but this is the first time I have "heard" he was two (or younger)  when telling his Father he was paying his workers the wrong amount.

Gauss himself was reported to say he could calculate before he could talk.

You want to see something get crazy? Let's say, somehow, a Gauss craze is started. Not a bad idea. But NEW (?) material would come out of the floor boards. Some people who love the attention and want it desperately and are willing to do and say almost anything to get it. Fraud? Criminal conduct? Those thoughts come later.

In chess someone told a friend of mine, he told this on the internet, that playing 1.b3 was for idiots. This is sheer ignorance of 1.b3. Nimzovich played it, so did Larsen, Bagirov, Carlsen, Nakamura and many others. Are these guys idiots? Fischer played it. He's projecting his own lack of knowledge. How "bad" is an opening if you have lost to it?

I have been trying to prevail on Andrew Martin to give us an article on the Gooli Crusher Gambit. Is there anything about this on Bing (No!) or Google (I doubt it). Everything is JUST NOT THERE. Now that I have mentioned it, Google MAY index it. But if you look it up you will see this article.

Send me articles or bits and bits of bad commentary on, chesscube or anywhere else. Let's see what turns up. I recall, for example, this jerk instructor when I was in grad school. He was "in charge" of the chess team (which I was also on). He saw an opening I played in the Bishop's Opening and asked where I got "that." I said, "William Winter's 'Chess for Match Players.'" He completely dismissed it because it wasn't in MCO (Modern Chess Openings) though I don't think he knew that for sure. He then went on to completely make a social ass of himself when he said "Robert Byrne knows all the lines in MCO." I am sure that was news to Grandmaster Byrne.

Just like there was a big wall in "Escape from New York" for criminals, there should be another city, walled, for those who completely embarrass themselves time after time. Joe Biden would probably be in that compound.

Send in things you have read or heard (newspapers get things wrong continuously. For example they love to call a tournament a match.)

send to:

Send them in as you find them. Maybe in a year we can compile these.

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