Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Chessbase has announced they will be shipping Houdini 3. It takes more than 15 seconds for stuff from Germany to get to the US. So give it a minute.

My guess is the price will be normal for CB engines, about $60-65 (maybe less, the Euro is taking a pounding).

Do you NEED it now? No. Does anyone? No.

Will it be helpful? It will be to me. Currently I use Deep Rybka 4 authored by Rajlich. The author of Houdini is French and I recently read his story. He acknowledged "help" from all the right sources. When I was in NYC in 1987 on a typographer's tour (a true joy) I met French typographers. Very nice fellows. I like French people. Can't stand their government. But it's hard for me to stand ours too.

So hitch up your shorts. "We" will have it.

PS: Why is it not necessary to have it now? Answer: It's NOT going to make you a better player. It might be nice for analysis tweaking, but in the end, you are still going to have to do the work of studying.

PS: In the meantime, I have a copy of ChessBase 11 which arrived AFTER my Fall Chess Classic. $179 for a brand new, crisp package. Includes shipping to any point in the USA. Also, you get one year of use from the ChessBase Playserver.

Anything Else?
Of course. Volume TWO of C.J.S.'s Purdy's Inside Look at Some of Chess' Greatest Games is within a few days of going to the printer. It's about 326-330 pages. Price is $39.95. Add $4 for shipping in the USA. Now, back to work.

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