Monday, November 19, 2012


Let me put it like this: What would you give them as a chess gift (if you do that sort of thing?)

Now the tough question: What do you believe they could really use?

There is a difference.

Links and blogs are things people point to. Are they really a "gift" gift? Or, does it make you feel like you have to do no more.

The problem with eCards, eGifts, and eMails is they require little effort. If you really want to get someone excited, MAKE EFFORT about them.

As you may have noticed the past few years I put no prices on the back cover of my products. That's for emergencies or sellers in a different country who have to raise the price to cover the shipping costs. NIC does it, not everyone else does.

But if you wanted to impress someone that you bought them a really expensive gift, even though you got it at half off, with no "sticker" on the back they wouldn't be that impressed would they (if you are going for that)?

On the other hand, if when they got something in their hands and saw the Quality Build of it, they would already "know" that it wasn't obtained from Half Price Books.

If you would like to send someone a copy, numbered and in hardback, of my recent book Modern Chess Brilliancies (Hustled) by George Gossip and Harry Nelson Pillsbury at a very attractive price to you, drop me a line! The ONLY pre-requisite (besides paying for it) is that you must have bought YOUR copy from me at Thinkers' Press. I know that is limiting for those who didn't but it is a reward for those who did.

However, if you don't have one, I will sell it to you for $59.95 and an extra copy to you at a very favorable price (assuming I have any left). Then there is postage which I will keep as reasonable as I can depending on where you live. At this time of the year I prefer to send Priority.
If you want to know HOW you can do all this, just drop me a line:

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