Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Name your favorite chess movie or chess movies.

Don't repeat, please, what you heard someone else say. All non-chess people know or think about is: "Searching for Bobby Fischer."

If you want to ADD "why" you feel that way, fine!

REASON: I want to build rapport between chess young people and us "older" types. I want to pass this information around in 2013, probably June at my next event. One celeb, Jerry Nash, title certifier for the USCF and scholastic whiz, has already pencilled his name on his calendar. Jerry is an old friend of mine. I have asked another fellow whose name I will reveal if he can do this too. Would like to have a woman on the panel too and if you have anyone to recommend, do so. I can think of a lady I have read about in one of the southern states.

EVENT TYPE: Something that will affect us all including our kids and grandkids. Initially the event will have a $199 registration fee, be one day, there will be handouts or most likely a CD, maybe a free item of considerable value, and an entertaining venue. I don't have a name or further details, right now looking at interest. If you are a chess coach or have done chess coaching you could be really interested.

TENTATIVELY. One day event, say 9 - 5.

Contact the guy, me: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

PS: Too often people feel like their ideas and thoughtful opinions don't count but this time the "politicians" are being left out of this (well, they can pay $399 to come). You probably love it already! This is not for USCF delegates either but they can register. I am trying to get a handle on size and whether a microphone will be needed. And there is always a must in the "comfortable" seating notion too. Most likely a Saturday so you might have only a one night stay.

Do you want to be put on the "I would like to know more" list. If you have wanted to come to a Bob Long event but for one reason or another couldn't make it, I think you will get a kick out of this one.

PPS: Remember, send me what chess movies you really liked (and saw!) I won't make any suggestions to you. If you haven't seen any but would like to, I can make some recommendations. I've been trying to get Bob Basalla to update his "Chess in the Movies" book but his email address now bounces back. If any of you know him and can update me, great!

Contact the guy, me: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

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