Thursday, November 8, 2012


For the Fall Chess Classic 2012 I produced with help from two friends a chess pad with Merlin the magician on it, holding a Bishop (his comrade-in-arms) over a drafting and planning table. It's also on the t-shirts which I ran out of. Naturally people want t-shirts now, even though it was mention probably 2 zillion times before AND my printer has said OK. That's rare!

Some of you told me you wanted shirts for others or yourselves. I have temporarily misplaced that list AND the mousepads, but I know they are around here (or at my shop).

An extra mousepad is $17.95 + $5 for the shipping. They are thicker than usual and colorful and do not have dopey looking animals or fish on them and best of all, no plastic-assed surface! (Bob W. from Omaha said "It's far better than the mousepads here in Omaha!")

T-shirts. I screwed up in everyone's favor (but mine) on the t-shirts. Apparently the quote given to me was for white cotton and I ordered BLACK. The Black is way cooler however because the blue background against it really POPS!

S-M-L-XL at $25.00 each (sorry, the black is 3 bucks more). The XXL and XXL are $28.00 each (sorry again). You have to add $9 for shipping as that is what the Post Office wants in the US of A. (Sorry for the last time).

Another Tiperoonie
My overseas manufacturer of the Grand Turk set which I sold before it got off the ground at the recent Fall Chess Classic says my next order is ready to be shipped! It was a surprise, a little bit, until I thought about this: HE ABSOLUTELY KNEW I would order more. Here's what Greg had to say about his Grand Turk:

"A few days ago, I entertained a young lady in my apartment and showed her the chess set. She knows nothing about chess (and, alas, isn't interested in learning) but she thought the pieces, especially the "black" pieces, were beautiful. I simply enjoy playing over games with the set, because they add something artistic to my studies. I am a very satisfied buyer of this set."

Satisfied customer. You can't buy a better recommendation than that.
I am hoping that when I get the next set order I can do some photoshoots with people looking at or handling the set. People can TRUST me all they want but they have to TOUCH for themselves or perhaps see someone else doing that for them. A video would be perfect.

Occasionally I run into "'big-time'chess set collectors" who are not really collectors, just PWM (people with money). When they say the color of the pieces "bloodrosewood" instead of "budrosewood" it's kind of a tip off don't you think? Maybe ebony will come out "eubonics." Haven't heard that yet though. Been watching too many movies with Leonardo di Caprio in them.

For Those Reading This
Why not register so I can see how many of you are reading this? I know many do, quietly, all the time, because now and then I hear from you. The most vocal (few, but maybe once or twice a year) are the cranks. You know, the complainers who never purchase anything except on their terms in their time zone from their cave!? Then they send an email longer than Isaiah (from the Bible). It ticks them off too when I say something about them but won't give their name. Is it illegal to write "dumb ass" in a Blog? I 'spose not since there is a movie review website called

Anyway, how about jumping in? It only takes a minute. I know of a number of titled players who read it, but don't want to "join." One GM told me he didn't want to get on all kinds of mailing lists. This is an aberration. If you don't leave an email address, how can you be on them? Older GMs are not the most tech savvy people on the planet and the younger ones think they already know everything. It's my job to get along with ALL of them and yet somehow I am still not bald!

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