Monday, October 29, 2012


Sunday afternoon I ran a workshop from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. It wasn't hard to open up with this line: "The way this event has gone, those who haven't been here before are probably wishing they had been!"

More information will be published in the upcoming Bob Long's Chess Views (a week from this Thursday). I will have some more on here this week.

But first I want to tell you that the Karsten Mueller presentation from Hamburg Germany went off without a hitch! Absolutely fantastic, hilarious, instructive, and after 2 hours without a break and incredible focus by the 18 guests I had to reluctantly break it up and Karsten got two rounds of applause. From quick beginner stuff we all need to know to medium level which the previous built on and then some material which will be on his new DVD, #11: Rooks versus Bishops or Knights, Bishops versus Knights, etc. And when he wanted to send Justin Gilbraith to Antarctica for an incorrect answer (lots of meaningful exercises) the audience roared.

Andrew Martin kept the hilarity going (Carlsen-Vallejo Pons) and that afternoon he and Andy Rea were there for advice while games were in progress! The next morning there was a blitz event which was won by Andy Rea over 2nd place Arshaq Saleem. Andrew Martin was the director and TD.

Mr. Greg Delaney bought the GRAND TURK set and reportedly is overjoyed with the brilliant boxwood and deeply hued budrosewood set. Two more have been ordered. Swooning by people who hadn't even seen it!

You know how to tell if it was a good event? If the organizer went home really, really, tired. And, I was.

Thanks will be handed out this week to all the very fine people who showed and I am starting with Jon and Barbie Fortune from Portland, Oregon. They are real chess aficionadoes. Husband and wife chess fans traveling all around and friends of mine for many years--met them first at a chess camp years ago.

Of course everyone is talking about next year. As I said at the beginning these events are about two things: entertainment and fun for the attendees because if they don't have fun, then there is no profit (that's part (b)). So (a) MUST succeed. From what I was told by everyone, it was incredible.

Maybe one of these days I can convince others to come--you know, those who keep saying to me, "Maybe I can make it next year and we still don't see them next year."

Next year the TWO DAY event is NO MORE. No more two day two night events. Don't know for sure what might happen, maybe one day. I really do want people to have fun, at a lower price. This year was amazing, I'll tell you more about it soon.

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