Saturday, October 20, 2012


There was lift off about 10:30 a.m. (CDST) in a two-way link between Davenport, IA and Hamburg, Germany this morning. We could see Pascal Simon (who will technically direct GM Karsten Mueller next week at the Fall Chess Classic at 9:00 a.m.) The Playchess server worked, as did Skype, as did the Hi Def TV. Bigger screen installed next week.

That's a load off!

In Other News
SCORE 22 is coming out this week, probably Wednesday. A great couple articles by GM Jan Markos (who is in Israel at the moment). What I liked, more aggression!! He tells us why Caro-Kann players "hate" 3.f3 and he shows us how to "subdue" the Petroff. Andrew Martin shows us a terrific game between Grischuk and Kamsky in an Alekhine's Def. request from subscriber Gary White.

All the good stuff. $49.95 for 16 issues. More filling, great taste!

PS: Keres Machine Gunner has gone to the printer (Chess Gangs 10). When all 12 are in there will be a contest to take all 12 "chess gangsters" and create teams. I will append their "peak" ELO (based on Mr. Sonas' results) and we will have those who are interested do some match ups and use the Monte Carlo method on a Normal Distribution, we will declare a WINNER. More details later. ONLY from Thinkers' Press, innovation when it matters.

PPS: Still not too late to come to the Fall Chess Classic. I have some funny stories to tell which are only for attendees ($300). Don't forget the Endgame Mastery of Karsten Mueller (grandmaster) and the SECRETS #2 book at the lowest price, $40 (but you have to be here). I've already sold a lot of copies at $59.95 (people who for whatever reason can't make it). As always 100% satisfaction guarantee. Good for your future at ANYTHING. More later. Another book or two are in the works but not part of the Merlin Secrets series.

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