Monday, October 1, 2012


Used list #5 is not being posted here today. It is really long (35 items). It is detailed (6 pages), it has lots of cool stuff on it, and if ALL the promises happen that have already come in, 1/3 of it is already sold on LAUNCH day (today). If you want a peek at what is on it, be aware, you might spend $$$. Lots of deep descriptions designed to tantalize.

IF you are a tire-kicker (you just look at stuff and never buy)
1. Don't bother me. If you really are interested, send me your full name and email address. Don't just request or I won't send it. (It's been my experience that the internet truly hosts some of the laziest people anywhere, even pitted against eubonics classrooms!)

IF you are an idiot, don't bother me. Let's see, what does the New Webster's Dictionary say about idiot: "Mental age of 2 or less." Should be revised, downward.

Those who are most offended by this type of comment are the ones who buy NOTHING. Blatant, unequivocating PC time wasters... sort of like CNN news reporters telling us (in their opinion pieces) what to do. Or like politicians who make promises they know they can't keep. UNDERPROMISE but OVERDELIVER is a good business motto.

How about this one, emails I have recently gotten:
1. I'm on a tight budget, can't afford anything right now.
2. Just got Walter Browne's new book "Stress of Chess and Its Infinite Finesse." It's really good.
3. Lower price at XYZ (he gives a link).
4. Wife bought it as a gift from Amazing Amazon.

Answers (remember, I am in an ornery mood and most of all, I am sure I am not talking about anyone reading this!)
1. I almost always assume this is not true. I have heard this one so many times when later I've discovered, it wasn't true, so now I just assume it's not true. I figure people have to PAY those $100-$125 cable bills every month so of course there is no money.
2. I believe this when I am told the book came from somewhere else.
3. I know XYZ, the ONLY way they are ever cheaper than ANYONE else is when compared to the publisher's price!
4. This has happened to at least 3 different people that I know of. I don't know why what I am selling can't be looked upon as a gift from MY company! I call it the Amazon "knee jerk." That's a tough one to defend against. Reminds me of all the people who tell me they HATE Wal-Mart (my Mom is one of them and there are others). They still buy at Wal-Mart. I do not buy at Wal-Mart and probably haven't for 2-3-4 years, something like that. My granddaughter is married to a Wal-Mart manager. We celebrated her BD over the weekend though it is actually tomorrow. I got her a JC Penney gift card. She never said to me, "Thanks grandpa." I know in advance these things will happen.

Now I have to get some stuff to the bank, the post office, and who knows what else. Fall is just around the corner, leaf changing wise. I've been told it has already started in northern Iowa and SW Wisconsin. A tremendous time of the year.

No, I am not Jekyll and Hyde. I know how to vet myself. After my rant about "idiots" I feel like I can cruise through the rest of the day. I guess what galls me is that this guy today writes me to tell me about someone else's sale! I am trying to think why in the world this would interest me AT ALL! It would be like me walking into his place of business and announcing, "Hey folks, oh hi John, I just found this really cool car insurance company which is twice as cheap as GEICO!" THEN, maybe, I doubt it, the "inverted genius MIGHT get it." Please whatever you do, don't bet on it!

As a little aside, there are at least 11-12 languages where the word for "idiot" is pretty much pronounced the same.

Back to work.

If you have something "unidiotic" to say or request, write to:

If you have a rant send it to LZ Granderson c/o CNN. I think he won a Pulitzer for writing about some H.S. I swear, if you win a Pulitzer your writing goes down hill. You start believing your own stuff.

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