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For those coming to the Fall Chess Classic next week, the site has been moved from the Gentlemens Chess Club to the Quality Inn in Davenport at 6605 N. Brady St. Please pay attention tot his move. No time for myopia.

The Quality Inn, owned by Mike Jhola, proposed hosting it based on a conversation he had with Dr. Tom Michlowski, who is coming here from Wisconsin.

The next afternoon I had a conversation with Barry, the office manager (and I liked his tenacious, aggressive approach--because it is clearly laid out instead of vague entreaties which leave one scratching his head).

Jhola is extremely accommodating and his maintenance man Mays will be helping me move "chess tables" to the Hotel this Friday. We will have a separate room for sales, and tons of amenities.

THE BIGGIE!??? A really excellent room rate ($72.99) for a place with a sumptuous continental breakfast, indoor pool, restaurants nearby, close to I-80 (really close, a few blocks away)... a place in back to barbecue, and wonderful rooms! Clean, impeccable. Great staff. Recently they hosted the Secret Service and the Iowa governor. Big renovation. Place #2 with travel advisor.

This year has been full of disappointments on the Fall Chess Classic front but we have 17 paid with another likely PAID tomorrow and a couple cancels. I sent out a special promo the other day, the best thing I have ever done but it met with no "last minute approval" as far as I can tell.

I really would like some time to work on my Go.Daddy website, but eating takes priority.

And in that regard
Info will be posted tomorrow about the ship date of my new book, The Critical Secrets for Planning at CHESS and Anything Else. It was supposed to ship today! Maybe tomorrow. I'll admit I am partial but I really like this book though the initial printing is only 50.

It is $40 for those coming to the Fall Chess Classic. It is $59.95 for those who pay by October 20th. It is $64.95 for those with a Black Gold Card. It is $79.95 for those paying after Oct. 20th. It will be $99 if you buy it from

I've been working on this book for months, like the previous one. I have dubbed this one Merlin 2. It's taken evenings and weekends. No one has yet suggested that I drop the price to say $25-30 so that I would probably sell more. This would miss the point! The point is I am looking for those who want to get knowledge and confidence, who want to know how to solve Planning problems, and to know there are solutions where CHESS can point the way as a metaphor to ANYTHING else. I have read dozens of books and thousands of pages of newsletters to increase my awareness in problem solving and to pass it on. (Once I had a business called BACON SAVERS). Producing this book cost me thousands of dollars. If an author has valuable information and prices it cheaply, that's EXACTLY how it will be treated--stick it on the shelf, never look at it again. That's not my goal.

You see, I love to be surrounded not just by smart people but also by those who want to get smarter and who can help others. I sent out a long email today discussing branches of the book and ended it by saying TWO additional PDFs will go out FREE to those who buy the book from Thinkers' Press. Two chapters I couldn't fit into the book. 20 PAGES.

And, in 2013, there will be a book called CONFIDENCE but it will not be part of the Merlin series but stand, confidently, on its own! I can help a lot of people as I have helped myself and by the Grace of God, I have some great stuff to impart from guitars, shyness, public speaking and lots of other things I did or were involved in even as early as the age of 14. If your parents weren't supportive, maybe you can use me. No price set yet. Nor size. When I discuss this subject almost NO ONE raises their hand. Are they embarrassed or just already TOO comfortable? For several years I discussed therapies and solving problems with another therapist. Since I didn't study this stuff in grad school, he was really leery at first. Toward the last few years he started taking my suggestions and he was happily surprised at the results! I told him, "For years you've been reading the SOS, going to the same old conferences, taught by the SO theories and tell me exactly HOW this helped your clients since they kept coming back?" I suggested ONE change, huge difference in results and I never met ANY of these people. George Lois refers to timidity (see next paragraph) and that's what most of these people engage in, being careful--people (clients) want solutions not stalling tactics.

George Lois, one of advertising's greatest characters, said we are close to becoming an age of timid people. Timid people don't ask for the sale, and they are OK with drifting, aimlessly. Timidity blends, he says, to mediocrity. Never do I want that to happen to me and my followers of what I do. My next goal is to ROUSE you to get more to read what I write and know, and to give you a reason for doing so, something that will delight you. Ideas are welcomed. One of mine is to offer FREE a book worth $50 on things I have yet to discuss, sort of another "private label" book but only for those who are pre-qualified. I also have a chess poster that I bet NO ONE reading this has ever seen. I found it in Kansas! It is brilliant, completely computer generated, and WOW amazing. You could put this on your wall and EVERYONE who entered the room would comment on it (every darn ONE of them!) I have to keep thinking like this to spread the word of just HOW MUCH DARN fun this game can be if you give it a chance because it will SHAPE the whole of you too and stop all the pussyfooting I see everywhere. It's not about being aggressive and sharkbait, it's about being assertive!

There's also a chess object I am introducing next week at the Fall Chess Classic, the likes of which I don't think have ever been shown before because I had this made for me, in quantity! It's a $75 item and attendees can get it for only $19.95, the cost I pay for having it shipped here. But, you have to attend the Fall Chess Classic. The Goodies Bags, and other offerings almost eat up the cost of a ticket. I am NOT timid, I am asking for the SALE.

Write me at:

I am reminded of a guy who wrote chess stories and he would read all my Blogs when I was doing them regularly. He complained that I released blog entries (in the old days) with typos in them. I did, I had plenty of other things to do and I didn't introduce typos on purpose. But him, being a Harvard graduate, I thought, could figure them out! Haha. He just wanted to complain. He published a book of chess stories by various authors. Most of it was total junk. He hadn't learned ANYTHING in Harvard (so, what's new?) He critiqued but he couldn't write, couldn't maintain reader interest. His books were financial flops. But I bet ever word in them was spelled correctly!

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