Monday, October 15, 2012


The schedule of events, places to eat and places to stay has just been published and sent out to the 17 paid attendees.

In case you are interested and haven't joined up, this event will be my LAST big one. I've also advertised on Facebook in Chicago and my own Facebook page.

What I have always found remarkable is the number of people who are excited about Andrew Martin coming to the states, want to see him, wish him Good Luck, and so one yet who never show.

Today I sent out a Special Promotion to all those who haven't done one of these and noted that Endgame Wizard GM Karsten Mueller was coming via televideo and if the truth be known, flying the GM here, getting him a room, and paying his fee will cost about the same as the televideo hookup! That's the way it is. My friend Karsten is unable to fly across the Atlantic under doctor's orders (and it has been this way since 2004).

So unless you go to Germany you won't have another opportunity to meet this tremendous talent.

But if you are rethinking about coming, give me (Bob) a call and I will whisk a 9 page brochure to you, finished just today, to fill you in on all the details. A listing appears in the next paragraph of what you would get in your GOODIES BAG for attending--worth over $100.00!

Feast your eyes on these:

1. The John Griswold White PDF of the famous chess collection in Cleveland. FREE. $14.95 value.
2. Certificate worth $20 off on Andrew Martin’s DVD Center Counter Rising. Plus, after the Fall Classic is over we will tell you where to find the updates to “watch” and learn (FREE).
3. Something to eat—beyond Yummy—from a company which is world famous. $5 value.
4. Something “soft,” arty, colorful, and usable with a desktop computer. $17.95 value.
5. The Chess Gangs of NY and London issue you have coming + a FREE Pass for #12.
6. A cool “surprise” to help you with “chess stress.” $10 value.
7. A blue velvet bag to hold everything. $10 value.
8. A chess poster made from the covers of the Chess Gangs books. $10 value.

FUN times, hope you can make it.

By the way, item #3 is made by Godiva... a whole new candy item introduced in 2012.

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