Friday, October 5, 2012


The Second "Secrets" book is almost proofed. It makes me bleary-eyed as I have seen the material quite a few times! It's amazing what one can find after a second reading. I have favorite "typos" that I can't see even though I know better so it teaches me to be more tolerant of others. Part of it is "brainology." I am convinced that our brain often knows the right things to do and say, but somehow when it goes through the "pipes" mis-translations occur.

Hoping to have it done by Sunday.

Finish up cover design and one of the hardest parts? What goes on the back cover? In order to keep my costs down I am even thinking of making two chapters into PDFs. There is a human tendency to go "slack." I can mention the PDFs at the back and people can "write" for them. It also gives me a chance to see how motivated people are and who they are. Some I know are motivated and "asking" will be a "no problem" for them. The "I'm too busy types?" Haha, we know that one don't we?

It's a good book. How can I say great? It's only what the readers get out of it. I even have some ideas for last minute transformations, but that delays everything. Then one is up against the printer.

It is: The Critical Secrets for Planning at CHESS and Anything else.

$40.00 at the Fall Chess Classic. Much more everywhere else. Am I the only scalawag who does this? I doubt it. I was looking at a (in person) conference today one item of which will be given by Anne-Marie Concepcion on ePublishing. Ann-Marie is at the top of her game in typography and now eBooks. But to get into her particular conference section, you also have to sign up for her workshops. There is no free lunch... no one wants to give away the farm for nothing. I mean even in Jack and the Beanstalk the kid got some "beans" didn't he?

I have plenty of Tips and Secrets on Planning, the question is: "Does anyone care?" The answer: "Everyone should as planning permeates EVERYTHING whether one likes it or not."

PS: Today or tomorrow I am going to list some Quality Chess Products at bargain basement prices. It will be for one weekend only. This is for the crowd who pays attention. Some believe, unfortunately, that LUCK plays a part in the rich getting richer, the smart doing smarter.... etc. It really is more than THAT happening. It is about observing, paying attention and making an opportunity real.

It's unfortunate but sometimes you can go to a Class Reunion and you might see your "friend" Joe Smith who has become all successful in some field. You might even recall saying shortly after High School, "Ah that Joe, just an average Joe." But, people do change. some taken advantage of opportunities because maybe their true gift was in recognizing them and then, acting upon them. It's easy to put down people as being inferior to yourself. I have played strong players where I have lost by ONE tempo and for the rest of their lives they act superior to me in their letters, their conduct, but NOT in person (that's what always cracks me up!) You have to learn to ignore them because, after all, what have THEY contributed to YOUR well-being? Probably nothing. Dying rich and dying with nothing pretty much has the same result doesn't it? The only real difference is what was in your "soul" when you changed to dirt.

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