Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The books showed up inside my door yesterday: The Critical Secrets for Success at CHESS and Anything Else! I blew a lot of time last night re-reading my own book! I will take them to the printer this morning for shrink-wrapping and hope to pick them up tomorrow.

It's more chess history, more of my life, solutions, and a great deal about how to take the subjects of plans, planning, ideas, risk, and a belief system to the next level, make one more alive, useful, and "magnetic."

I found a couple typos, hope you will forgive me. I had looked at the book so many times I was going cross-eyed.

Lots of possibilities and what is really important, directions about where to find the "good stuff" because unless you read as much as I do, it's not obvious.

SInce I won't be shipping these until next week (except for those who will pick up their copies at the Fall Chess Classic) I am relenting on getting this book for $59.95 (+$7 for first class shipping). Get it by October 28 (a Monday) and you will get that price.

Gotta run, picking up Andrew Martin today.

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