Friday, October 19, 2012


This morning I received an email from my friend Patrik in Sweden. Here is what he wrote about the new book (which shipped yesterday) The Critical Secret for Planning at CHESS and Anything Else. (I should have it Monday or Tuesday.) Here is what he wrote:

I need a little something to really convince myself that I will benefit from the Merlin II book. 60USD is a substantial amount of money.
cheers, Patrik

Here was my response, which I think is significant:

It's not the price Patrik, it is the NEED.
The book is designed to help people be successful at Planning anything, especially changes in their lives using chess as an example (metaphor).

I cannot apologize for the skull sweat I used to write it for 50 copies (maybe 100 one of these days). It took me away from other projects but I think in the end you will find out more about me and yourself. That's the purpose of the big PDF I sent out last night... and I must not have succeeded with you (true, right?)
The book is worth more but I wanted to make more than one sale!

Still, I am an encourager. Chapter Zero is worth (right from the get go) the price of the book even though another book must be bought. If you aren't making enough money now to afford the things you want, then the Evaluation form will show that and then point you into the direction of Mr. X.

Best of luck in your decision,

The above letter was slightly modified to further enlighten.

If you come to the Fall Chess Classic the cost of this 219 page 7x10 book is $40.00. Or $59.95 if your aren't coming and you order by October 23... Plus postage ($7 priority). And there were other options in the PDF.

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