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These lists are picking up a little steam. Thanks.

There is other "news" to write about, but if a Blog can't be used to make sales to keep the overhead costs away (time expenditure and inventory) then it is primarily a vehicle for opinions which most people don't care about anyway. If there was only one way to "split" an atom the various factions out there would devise another "way" just to be different.

Do you like Wilhelm Steinitz? Let's start with him!

25. Modern Chess Instructor Part I. Published by G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1889, in hardcover. Sometimes owners, sellers, or people with extra time on their hands, will write inside the covers (usually, but not always, hardcovers, like this one). In this particular issue is written $3.00. Don't think you will get off that easy! I recall one time in my bookshop downtown when I had a dozen bookshelves loaded with "previously owned" chess books. The world's biggest cheapskate came in with a friend (who was actually a real customer) and found a book for $2.00. That's what was written on the inside. Anyone with more than a tenth of an ounce of brains could tell it was a true collectible. So I had to usher him outside, onto 4th street, where there was a stream of semis and car traffic. I admit, my concern was for the drivers and passengers of those vehicles but sometimes you have to so what you have to do. Wilhelm Steinitz, our first world chess champion, wrote and edited this book. This volume was on openings and much more readily accessible than his second Part. There is some fading on the edges of the cover and UR corner. The insides are marvelous. On the front inside cover is a pasted engraving of Steinitz probably put their by Lennox Beach (1897) by the owner (no doubt him.) In the back inside covers are some brilliancy game score of which only ONE includes a game of Steinitz'. There are some pages with only the faintest of browning at the edges (if any). The diagrams are clear and the copy is likewise. No one that I recall ever says anything about the notes contained in this book but some of them are expository and truly great such as: "This loses by an ingenious process..." This book is a serious primer of its day for double KP openings and its various defenses. Or, "This loses speedily. Their game was, however, very difficult, and, we beleive, could not be retrieved without some loss." Another, "Not good on general principles." (That last one fractures me.) 193 pages, hard cover. Some wear on the spine but otherwise fine (F). A value of about $200.00. You will probably be willing to part with $135.00 for thus gem. One day only. By the way, if you like TRAPS, check Steinitz' book out as he mentions these little jewels not too infrequently!

26. Have you ever heard of a dude named Paul Rudolf von Bilguer? I'm going to tell you what a young person can do if they aren't shiftless or texting (same thing) on their phone all the time. This German "kid" lived only 25 years and yet he produced  (with later help by Mieses and Schlechter) a huge book (published in 1922 by Walter de Gruyter & Co.) called the Handbuch des Schachspiels which would occasionally get updated. It was like the MCO (Modern Chess Openings) of its day. He lived from 1815-1850. By 1922 it was about 1,100 pages! It is a hardcover but has been rebound (nicely). Less than a dozen pages near the back have had their lower corners folded back about a half inch (not a big deal really). There are games, columns of lines, and many notes. There ARE games other than 1.e4 e5 in this tome such as 1.f4 by Lasker from 1889 (I think). I suspect that the "Bilguer" was responsible for the preservation of a number of games (German algebraic). The text is always excellent. At the front their is a picture of Bilguer and there is a tear next to it, it is NOT on the picture itself. Faint traces of signature cracking near the front (means the "paper" is torn and you can see the binding underneath. You have to look for it. There have been a number editions and even an Olms version. I have sold out of EVERY one I had (5 of them). Black binding on spine (binding tape). Worth about $160. I'll let you have it for $115 if you act today! #XM079097

27. Used sales can certainly fool me as I sit here, in rapture, thinking: "Well will I sell ANY of these today?" I think, "Probably not, some of these cost money. And then, I am proven wrong. I love it when that happens. One of these days I may be right, maybe it will be today. Oh, by the way, this ONE DAY ONLY sale is good this time through Saturday night singe it will be a weekend. Do you remember when Telly Savalas (Kojack) used to say, "Who loves ya baby?" Well, when you show no fear and purchase (invest!) in foreign titles like I and many others did, "I love ya baby!" 
Now we have at the Oldway Mansion in Paignton (I can't believe the size of these places) the County Borough of Torbay (17th Clare Benedict Tournament of 1970). This one is green plastic spiral (comb) bound. I think our UK cousins tried every kind of binding and printing process known to man in the 70s and 80s.Clare Benedict was an American authoress but with roots in Liverpool. She created the trophy and the interesting story about it is told in the front pages. W. Ritson Morry was the organizer and the engineer behind the bulletins with notes to some of the games (60 games plus some errata). At the end are 4 picture of the beautiful holiday resort at Torbay (cool seeing the marina and all the small boats plus girls with short skirts/dresses!--OK, don't get too excited it's not that big of a deal). Lots of popular player names such as Penrose, Hecht, Toran. Bouwmeester, Bhend, Hartston and even our old boy Keene! It was a 6-country event and this time first was tied by Spain, England (!), and W. Germany. The condition is quite nice. Worth about $20.0. One day only price, $10.00.

28. At the Ivanhoe Hotel, in London, 1979, was held the Lloyds Bank Masters which was organized by the London Chess Association. The bulletins were placed in a glossy printed folder with the only thing "chessy" on the cover was a horse, part of the Lloyds Bank logo I presume. This was quite an event for 1979 as most of the players in this "international" FIDE was from Wales, Ireland, England, and Scotland. There were other "foreigners" from the 94 participants but you will recognize many of the names of those who later became BIG UK players such as: M. Pein, Hebden, Povah, Basman, Taulbut, A. Martin, Jacobs, Davies, W. Watson, Crouch, J. Donaldson (USA), Plaskett and many more. Thee are 189 games and the most "Hilarious" award I have seen, The Bobby Fischer Memorial Prize for the Most Untranslatable Score! Further comment was: "Hot favorite from last year IGM Balinas was narrowly pipped at the post by this year's joint winner IM Cuartas of Colombia and A.P. Lewis. We are truly grateful to the organizers for not pairing thee two together, Each receives a year's free supply of blotting paper." Very clean pages, a little wear on cover of holder. #XM078920. These kinds of mimeographed bulletins tend to be scarce. Let's say $20.00. One day only, $10.00.

29. There are a few Spanish, Mexican and South American GMs but when it comes to selling Spanish language chessbooks, even in algebraic notation like this one, it's a tough ordeal. This one is El Gambito Leton (Latvian Gambit). The author was Ramon Crusi More. 82 pages. Copyrighted in 1978. Also includes 113 games. I want to give this away so even if somewhere in the civilized world this has a $9 value, for ONE day only, how about $3.00 ?

30. P. Cherta wrote a book in Spanish (Editorial Grijalbo) on the King's Indian Defense called Defensa India de Rey. It's in DN and is seriously packed into 231 pgs. Do you suppose the players in Spain have some different slants on the KID then regular users? Cherta wrote another book on the Sicilian but it was only 93 pages for the Paulsen. This was a 1962 edition published simultaneously in Mexico and Spain. A little wear on edges of spine and cover plus a tear around the store label inside the front cover. One day only for $5.00.

Only 6 items this time because it is so time consuming to do these items, esp. for the cheap ones. As I said, good through Saturday night. I may list some more items on Saturday. can't promise

Contact me at to reserve yours. Must be paid for within 7 days (or if I have your credit card info (or  you can use PayPal) we can take care of it immediately. Postage is a little extra. If it's a bigger item, say over $50 I have to insure it. You can call (make it brief please, as John H. said to me this afternoon, "Man, you are on fire!") It's true. 563-271-6657.

Not responsible to meet prices based on typographical errors. You see something cool? Don't put it off. You'll kick yourself.

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