Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Everyone has ideas of some kind and varying value.

When I come upon a good one, which amazingly is more frequent than I have time to handle, I disappear from this Blogpost for a bit. And then, time flies, and fruit flies.

For the past couple days I have let an idea simmer.

Yesterday I contacted a Grandmaster, the one who is coming to our October 26-28 Fall Chess Classic via televideo from ChessBase in Hamburg, Karsten Mueller.

I heard from him this morning.

He liked them (two ideas) and made a suggestion!

I liked his suggestion and made another!

Cooking With Gas
We're cooking. I'll tell you more about it in October because it is the FAIREST to those who paid good money to show, and at the end of this month it will be $300 for this event.

Everything costs money including this idea but it is a GOOD idea. A very good idea and a method for studying the endgame that NO ONE has ever thought of before.... as in EVER.

I dropped a line to a manufacturer yesterday with amendments today. I am excited. Maybe I will even be able to have a demo at the Classic. We'll see. It will require a few extra elements.

My ideas (not all chess) don't drip in, they cascade. The part that is unbelievable is that:
1) They are all noteworthy and not addle-brained.
2) There are too many to pursue at once. Somtimes I choose the wrong one to start!
3) They each will help chess people out THERE!
4) Some of them are quite inexpensive but implementing them puts one into the poorhouse so there must be at least ONE other to keep the bank account happy enough to pay bills.

The Other Idea
I already know what it is and how I want to do it. It involves many people, lots of tap-dancing (juggling) and work that would make John Henry sit down and bawl his eyes out!

It's one of those $64K ideas. Because I am a one man shop I have to contract out some work and get cooperation and financing from some others.

At this very moment I have a friend, a very good and lasting friend, who is helping me with the Portisch project ($$$ wise). Contracts have been written, some additions are present. Money has been proposed--I am looking for spare time to concentrate. Sometimes you will find me at a Barnes & Noble with a red pen in hand, concentrating my ass off, with an absent-minded cup of hot chocolate!

But the OTHER Idea is a fantastic one and I have only told it to one other person. Ah yes, we like it.

Do you want to get in on good ideas? Know more? Drop me a line and maybe something can be done. We always say, "Only serious inquiries desired" because us deal-makers are stupid enough to believe that only serious-minded people will contact us and we really should know better by now. Do you and I have a history? If so, contact me. How does that sound? Better?

PS. In case you haven't figured it out in the past year, Thinkers' Press inc. is making a lot of For Sale chess products because everyone else sells the standard fare. As I knew when TPi was on every big bookshelf in the country (the 90s), people want better. Today I am putting out a 10-12 page catalog which really IS better. If you are on my lists, you should get one, if not... request. All I ask is that you know what a PDF is and know how to print them out.

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