Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hi There!

My email connection was all whacky from 10 a.m. until about 9 p.m. I finally had enough sense to check my gmail account with my web browser and it looked like it was putting stuff in the SPAM folder that it shouldn't have been (must've been 200 emails that were caught though for Viagra and variants!) Wish there was a way to shut that stuff down as well as all the Chinese crap I can't read.

1. If you sent something to me (on Sept. 4, Tuesday) which needed a response from me would you be so kind as to resend? Thank you.

2. I have received a ton of emails from those who sent condolences on the passing of my Dad. Yes, he was 90 but it still seemed too soon. Fellow Iowan Mitch Weiss called me and that was unique and I thanked him for it. Touching and meaningful. Thanks Mitch. As I do believe in life after death I figure my Pops is now watching me work when maybe all along, before that, he wondered, "Exactly what is that boy up to?" Love you Dad. Give me some TIPS--you gave me the persistence and work ethic stuff, now I need some of your genius.

Bank informed me today when I asked that TPi's balance was closing in on zero... so I am especially concerned there might have been "orders" in the emails today!

Well, there is a 3 or third.

3. I sent out 9 packages today with the new book Modern Chess Brilliancies (Hustled) in it. I think all but one or two had already been paid for. The "unpaids" where I charge a charge card (or ask for PayPal) will start going out tomorrow and hopefully I can finish that.

Whoever said that life was unchallenging must've been getting welfare checks! Here's something I didn't know, but apparently Bill Cosby said it, that there have been "kids" (gang kids?) out there who used their tattoos to tell people at the employment agencies they couldn't get work interviews--because of the tats. Then they received some kind of governmental compensation!! Does anyone know if that is true? I hope it isn't. If so, put the decision makers in front of a Utah firing squad and shoot blank checks at them until it hurts.


PS: There will be a special offer on my NEW Secrets book (#2) for those who can't make it to the Fall Chess Classic. I am supposed to have the art on Thursday. All the details will be given, probably on Friday. Here's my suggestion. Don't be a Plonk and put this off. The Amazon.com price of Modern Chess Brilliancies (Hustled) is almost twice what I sold it for to "early birders."

Also, I need to go back to COUNTING SCHOOL. I mentioned on the certificate I have been sending with the books that 18 people got in on a good deal. I hadn't checked carefully all MY lists, it was 22 (or more!!)! Since I keep two for the TPi Library that means there are only 26 left. It is now $59.95 and I wouldn't wait much longer. REASON: First buyers are allowed to buy extras at a very low $44.95, postage paid in the USA.

Thanks.  BOB

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