Sunday, September 30, 2012


There will be a time out for the listing of used chess books here in this Blog while I finish up List #5, which will be emailed to those who might be interested (I have been posting here and sending out privately).

One reason is that it will be juicier and longer. Blogposts generally have short attention spans. Read them once, then people head off to something else.

With a list they can be printed out and looked at offsite (the same can be done with a Blogpost but how many actually do that? My sources tell me, "almost no one.")

The NEW list, #5, has some terrific biographical books and tournament books on it... some of which I hadn't seen before myself. By terrific I don't mean just Hardcovers but books on players or chess noteworthies such as Gedeon Barcza. At the moment I am looking at the big two volume Olms set on Alekhine from Kotov, under one hardcover. And in German.

I think it was around 1990 I had something like 2,000 volumes in my own chess collection, in English and foreign languages. It was great (except for tripping over some titles at the foot of my bed). Due to my typesetting business closing around then (they were closing all over the USA and the world) I had to sell off a lot of good pieces back then, leaving perhaps 500 titles in my skeleton library.

The fact that over times I have sold MANY big chess libraries puts you in good hands for fair dealings and familiarities with what's out there (Plus I had bought many things myself). That plus irregular contact with other sellers and personal chess library enthusiasts is a good way of rounding it off. Everything is accurately described.

So, look for something in your email tonight or tomorrow. I am taking a hiatus from the ONE DAY ONLY concept though it will be back. This list will be a ONE WEEK ONLY in order to secure an extra discount.


Oh YES, one more thing (a la Steve Jobs)... I used to get packages all the time from Sweden, Germany, and Holland and what was in them was usually in a foreign language (exception: Uno Linde in Sweden!!) It is hard to describe the "rapture" of owning something historical, something novel, something cool. If you ever become a "collector" you will KNOW what I mean. Getting an elusive item can be intensely gratifying.

Last night it happened again. For 1-2 months I have been looking for something specific to put into the Goody Bags for my last event, and what I wanted at an affordable price, was nowhere to be found. Last night, as I just mentioned, I hit PAYDIRT--I found the original manufacturer and what is really weird? At 11 p.m. (my time) I had heard back from them and it sounds like there is a "done deal" involved here and I will be ordering on Monday with plenty of time before the Fall Chess Classic. IF it should happen to fill up at the last minute (weird things happen), NO extras of this nifty little item will be made available. Sorry. I knew I wanted it the first second I laid eyes on it 2 months ago in a Promo catalog (It's hard to find good stuff on chess).

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