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Something NEW which will cause me to post at least 3 times per week.

I have, literally, over a dozen boxes of books and magazines on chess for sale which haven't seen the light of day by me for years. From a wide variety of collections. They are taking up so much of the laundry room that it is almost impossible to find the washer and dryer.

Hence, several times per week I will be listing up to 6 items of interest. Some will be in English some will not. As I know from past outings of doing this, it isn't easy to figure out what people want except, "I'll know it when I see it."

With that Parameter (?) I will begin listing items later this afternoon, on THIS particular blog.

Virtually everything is ONE only and at the stated price of ONE DAY ONLY (I will stretch this to include Friday because I am JUST now announcing this. And I will be making a separate mailing to those on my "used" lists telling them to check this blog.)

I had thought about sending emails out but this is a little less intrusive and less cumbersome. The PRICE of each item is good for one day only. Everything will be priced to move, if it is not sold, it goes back to my regular price.

Just to start off I have a hardbound edition of:

1. My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer. It's a 1969 third printing. Small mark on back cover. Previously owned. Binding is tight, book has no interior markings. I remember selling paperback editions of this book for nearly $100. If you go to Amazon you will see idiots trying to sell a "collectible" edition for up to $500 (delusional). When you see a copy for $25 and described as USED you can be pretty well be sure it IS used. Some people just run over their books with a truck while "studying" from them. This book is in excellent condition and while as such it might (?) bring $75 after you have inspected it... I have one only at $49.00. Add $7 for postage and insurance.


2. Dreihundert Schachpartien by S. Tarrasch. Hardcover. (loose spine). Book should be rebound but the book boards are here. This masterpiece (some think this was one of the best annotated books ever) was published in 1925 from Gouda - G.B. Van Goor Zonen. It is 538 pages of intensity, philosophy, 300 games, and most likely the way chess was meant to be whether it was pawn chains or any other kinds of structures. I don't know how Tarrasch had the time to put this together. The interior is fine but for some reason known only to the previous owners, the covers are off. This is about a $60 book when in good condition. I am willing to drop the price through the floor if you pay for a nice binding job (and you would really love it as you could approve of the texture, color, etc.). $19.00! STEAL CITY BLUES.

3. We've all heard that Bogojubow was a pushover for Alekhine but the fact is, he did beat Alekhine several times (whereas others did not). "Bogo" also beat other plays too and was famous as an author for "1.d4." The well known and somewhat prolific Spanish author Julio Ganzo wrote a brief biography with 30 annotated games (in Spanish Descriptive) and the rest of the book about Bogoljubow's openings. 120 pgs., pub. in 1974. VF condition. Worth about $20. Special one time sale price, insanity! $10.00.

4. There was a time when collecting Olympiad Bulletins was all the rage and I was among them! Naturally some are scarcer than others. One such is XIX Siegen Chess Olympiad (1970). Photoduplicated, all the games, by everybody (Spassky and Fischer scoresheet is presented on the cover). Taped. spine--loose in one small part at base.  All crosstables too. Algebraic, not necessary to know German. Worth about $50 now. Today only $25.00.

5. If you've been around the subject of the endgame for ANY length of time you have heard of Yuri Averbakh. This guy was the Karsten Mueller of yesteryear. He wrote a book in German called Lehrbuch der Endspiele (The Endgame Manual). Of course it's ALL here in 447 pages, one volume, and not drawn out into 90 books like in later years. There are "live" examples and studies. Browning on the edge of the pages. Hardcover with dustjacket. A couple small tears at or near the spine of the dustjacket. The famous "bis" diagrams. A nice and tidy package. It was the Soviet Union's answer to Fine's Basic Chess endings. A $15.00 book, genuine value, for only $8.00!

6. Lastly, No. 72 in what has now become scarce in Tony Gillam's "Chess Player" series, an openings survey by William Hartston for the Centenary Tournament of Bamberg (Germany) 1968. 38 pages of mostly unannotated games with such chess luminaries as Keres and Petrosian. Neither Keres nor Petrosian lost a game but Keres finished first while Lothar Schmid (Germany) finished 2nd. An $18 book for only $9.00.

Postage is extra, but first drop me a line below telling me what you want and your address and then I can tell you what the postage is, how to pay, all that usual stuff if you don't know me. If your credit card is on file I can just charge everything to that and send it to you--no fuss, no muss.

Remember, I will be doing this ABOUT every other day. It will pay to check in. It will keep ME out of trouble and show you that things besides openings books exist. I had a conversation about the subject of an OPEN MIND today and I had to tell her this was not a common phenomenon among chess players who play the same thing year in and year out, and their rating plateaus or falls, seldom rising (unless you are a kid).

In a private conversation with myself I noted into my tape recorder that we have INFINITE CHOICES and yet so many of us limit ourselves to mediocrity.

Contact me at:

PS: In most cases I won't be showing a picture of the item because it is time-consuming to stop everything, scan, then go into Photoshop. That's WHY most used lists (except mine!) don't have scans of book covers.


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