Saturday, September 1, 2012


I know someone who bought our new book Modern Chess Brilliancies (Hustled) the other day from Amazon and they paid $79.95 for it! Why does this happen?

1. They had to have it yesterday! (Why?)
2. They just have an "I've got money" irritating personality.
3. They "know" but don't know Thinkers' Press and if they do know are too lazy to look for us.

If you buy the book directly from Thinker's Press it is $59.95. I charge $7 for first class shipping, well protected and with a terrific letter of PEDIGREE and
1. The number of your particular book which is also
2. Enumerated IN the book itself. All fifty are now stamped.

Plus, buyers from TPi (us) get the right to buy additional copies from me at $44.95 each + $5 postpaid but with accompanying documentation too.

I have 50 copies on hand.

While I am making NO pretense of being an investment counselor, I can tell you that the hardcover editions of:
1. Some Interesting Memories by Ray Smullyan
2. Leon Stein Master of Risk Strategy, and
3. Super Nezh by Pyshkin

have all sold out, a long time ago, and cost real money to obtain.

Hardcover books by TPi are printed in small quantities and their future value is rather pricey. I will let YOU make your decision. TPi books do a heckuva lot better than almost any stocks except Apple (my original Apple stock cost me $14 or $18 and now it's about $660+).

Your decision, but that first copy must've been bought from TPi to get additionals at $44.95. I will be shipping out all the prepaids on Tuesday and each will be in a box, and inside that in a padded and cushioned envelope and it will be sent priority or first class, whatever it costs.

I do take PayPal. Send the $66.95 to, postage included.


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