Thursday, September 6, 2012


The Gossip & Pillsbury book has been printed and released to almost everyone as of today. 22 of them. If you still want to get in on this 100 page hardcover at $54.95 + $7 priority shipping (USA) contact me by Saturday night, please. On Sunday the price goes up.


Next item of business.

True to his word Bill Hannan, artistic whiz kid I have known for years (since I was in college when he was barely older than me--now he is a LOT older than me!!!), has delivered on Sept. 1, like he said he would, the next installment of the artwork for SECRETS TRILOGY about PLANNING, #2.

I have been working hard on this 220 page book in the past week... unfortunately neglecting other things. But I will make MY deadline for the Fall Chess Clinic where, if you are there, you can purchase this "whale" for $40.00, in person. "Maybe" Bill will be there to autograph it although he told me hes having some cataract surgery.

Yes, book #1 was amazing. I think I am out of copies, but will probably print up some more so I can sell them to energetic people. Probably you, right? Don't have one? GM Yermolinsky reviewed it and loved it!

There will be a special SALE price (for #2) and a brochure which goes out to "everyone." There are tons of TIPS and SECRETS in this fatter volume and... at the same price as volume 1. Volume 3 is already in my head and will contain no duplication and no HINT now of what it will be when it comes out in 2014. All I can tell you is that it will be truly AMAZING and have some co-authors whose names you won't guess. And the price will be higher than Vols. 1 and 2 put together and there will be no event, that I am aware of, where I will debut it. I might even use a fulfillment distributor as getting these books out took almost 3 days because each one was double-packaged to insure it arrives shipshape to you.

Thinking about what will be in it makes me froth at the mouth! I won't put #3 on advance sale yet because I do want to see what is in the pudding. In #2 I already know as I have 40 pages to go (180 done) and I know what will be going into the remaining ones.

So watch for an email brochure.

someone asked me to remove them from my email list today. This guy has been on this list for 2-3 years and he is just getting around to this! Every non-buyer I lose is a joy of celebration. SECRET: Except for one, everyone who has asked me to remove their email address (which I do, promptly) HAS NEVER bought a thing from TPi or the other companies who I sell for. WHAT on God's green earth did they do to get on this list in the first place (some of them asked to be!!! many years ago). Will betcha they don't get anything from anyone else either including the big A. Droll trolls.

The good thing is that I hold no grudges and do not make any effort to remember them. No secret list, nada. When I was younger, say 20 years ago, I would look forward to meeting people like this, OTB (over the board). It made me feel like I was going to be working for ORKIN!

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