Friday, September 7, 2012


I asked that Bill's artwork for Vol. 2 of the Merlin Trilogy to have a few minor changes made.

Next morning, there it was.

Over the years Thinkers' Press keeps getting kudos for its publishing work. I like that. I really DO want the best for the buyer.

Sameness, irritating cheapness, has always bothered me because it means: "I really don't care about my customers and the value they get, I just hope they buy and don't notice."

I am not talking about mastheads, logos or advertising, but cover design. Chess has some of the most BORING that has ever existed... You can call OLD cover design (of books for example) boring but, it was not. Designers thought. Craftsmen were at work. Today photography takes over and if the photo is bad, can't be adequately retouched, adjusted, or cropped, one just has a mess if the person wielding the power has no sense of design.

Since the next issue of the CRITICAL SECRETS book is about PLANNING, we put a Merlin in the guise of a map of planning with a Bishop in his hand, to fight for the position of truth.

Here's what Bill (who has done dozens or hundreds of Shakespeare posters) came up with. The book still needs some proofing and rewrites but, it's coming.

PS: By the way, I have #11 of Modern Chess Brilliancies (Hustled) still available. I learn SOME lessons the hard way. In the future I will ask for deposits for ordered books to those who are not "regulars" but who act like they are. $54.95 (through tomorrow night) + $7 Priority shipping in a bag and a box (USA). Believe it or not, I lose money on the packaging and shipping (and USPS is less expensive than UPS), but, there you have it... my gift to you. I think you will enjoy it. I still find myself reading some of the notes.

PPS: Here is what Rick Rector said about the MCBH book:
"Got the Pillsbury book yesterday. Looks as good as I knew it would."

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