Friday, August 24, 2012


Sometime the anticipation of when we were younger can still be great.

For example, I just received confirmation today that my 50 copies of Modern Chess Brilliancies (Hustled) have shipped! Great news! They go by UPS so I should have them Monday or Tuesday I would think.

I have orders stacked up here waiting to be shipped. Ialso  have bought a numbering machine to stamp inside the book. I will be shipping the book, well protected, by first class.

An allied promotional idea, George Gossip's and F. J. Lee's The Complete Chess Guide has also been sold in conjunction with the new title. As a collectible should be it is in very nice condition.

For issue 166 of Bob Long's Chess Letter another nice collectible will be put on view for sale. But it will be part of the final offer on Bob Long's Chess Letter. Everyone has been getting 3 initial copies of the newsletter to try out and I am hoping for a vote for you to tell me WHICH ONE works the best for you. I can adapt.

The BONUS is that if you are reading this Blog (you're here aren't you?) I will send you the 3 free copies IF you send me your name and email address. That's not so hard.

This morning I am putting the finishing details on a chess contract with a legend. When he signs I will tell you all about it. He's already sent me a beautiful photo of himself with a smile that would endear him to anyone!

I am also sending out, upon request and submission of $5.95 to cover my postage charges, $96 and 97 cents worth of goodies to try The Chess Butler in quality and service. It also includes a $35 discount to attend the Fall Chess Classic. That would be off the $285 current price. In other words you could get in for $250. Bring a friend, that's only $100 more. If you wanted, then the two of you could split it, or $175.00 each. You'll each get hundreds of dollars worth of fun, entertainment, and instruction. Every time I write about it I leave something out (accidentally) so if you want a complete listing, drop me a line at: and I will take care of you.

Perhaps you have noticed a pattern of "regularity" about this blog. It gets written when I have time and when I have something to write about. I could write about Spassky being spirited off (abducted) to Russia but, like everyone else, and Sergeant Schultz, "I know nothing."

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