Tuesday, August 7, 2012


At the moment I am working on #10 in the series, The Chess Gangs of New York and London. What a continued learning experience.

And you know something else? They sell. Despite only a very few resellers carrying them because: they are too expensive for our customers, or, not enough pages; SEZ who aardvark farts?

The customers LIKE them!
They are BUYING them. Doncha get tired of someone else making your buying decisions for you?

Sometimes you have to bribe these guys (dealers) before you can get them to respond. Since I've had to reprint Lasker the Ultimate Streetfighter many times, and once again along with Blackburne Black Death In Spades, I don't think that will happen any time soon.

What I notice about these books is the following:

1. Brief biography so you get to know the man.
2. About 50-70 of his games.
3. Light notes but still notes you can learn something from (and I've learned a lot).
4. Diagrams, often before the surprise so you can try to work it out.
5. Not all notes are light especially when the move is on MY turf.
6. All the games, both white wins and black wins, are wins; no draws except possibly in notes.
7. Games tend to be short from cremations to 25-30 moves so you don't give up so easily when playing through them.
8. Caricature on the cover (in color), one inside the front cover and one at the back, like the one above for Keres pondering in a "Kilroy was here!" mode.
9. I can't show you the cover yet, I only do that when the book IS available... but I can tell you that Pauly is firing a machine gun from atop a skyscraper! Chess should be lively not this junk we see day in and day out. Chess marketing by the big 3 or 4 is very dry even when they try to be humorous (eh? they do?).
10. And you know what? The books run 41-55 pages and are only $12.95 (except for #6 Petrosian, which is $15.95) each.
11. You CAN order all 10 now at a special price if you are interested. The total retail is $132.50. But, for ONE WEEK only starting right now (ending Aug. 14th), you will get them all for $110.00 postage paid. (Need your name and address + email address). USA only, out of country I have to add shipping, usually $25-30 for this size of package. Notice: Keres #10 isn't ready yet, probably 3 weeks, so that's when I will send the package out.

Payment.. Ya know, this is never a problem... only with lazy people whereby I actually have to hand-deliver the package which, so far, I have never done. Chances of it happening in the future are as remote as Bernie Madoff getting out of prison, but NOT before then.

Send me check, MO, or credit card information to: The Chess Butler, % Bob Long, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803 USA. I do take PayPal and if you want that method of payment, send the $110 (USA) to: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

That's all Paul and I have to say today!


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