Friday, August 17, 2012


In the Thinkers' Press "Grandmaster Series" I will be approaching GM Lajos Portisch with a contract and advance against royalties for his endgame book. We've already been in preliminary discussion and I have lined up a FM to proofread the files I create. If this project goes through, it will be a much better book than the original ever was (let's say 500% better!) and will also have a CD come with it.

One very good and old friend, from Canada, has offered some financial help for a share of the profits.

Would any of YOU be interested too, in sharing profits (if any) to get this book off the ground and make your study of the endgame a heckuva lot easier than it has been? The endgame is ONE area where DVDs don't have an advantage because time on an exercise quickly gets eaten up on a DVD whereas on a book or CD, NOT a problem.

If interested, looking for those who might want to pony up in manageable $500 increments to get me off dead center and to get this project done while Mr. Portisch is still around.

And when you see what I have planned for 2014 it will blow your wig off--and for you who KNOW me, you know this will be no idle comment.


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