Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I am proud to reveal that my copies of Modern Chess Brilliancies (Hustled) got to my office today. About two days before I expected them and definitely before the last day of August. 17 copies are already spoken for. I have 32 left (I have to keep at least one for me).

Pillsbury wrote it Best
I am going to make you a DEAL because I was caught a little off guard with this. Order a copy today, or during Aug. 29-31, and I will sell it to you for the old price, $54.95. You have to add $7 because I am packing it well, numbering it, and sending it first class to cut down on postal destruction. PayPal is fine (to: bob@thinkerspressinc.com). Checks for $61.95 are fine. Credit Cards and Money Orders are fine. Larry of the Three Stooges was Fine too.

My next job is to pay off the printer as I have several other projects in the works for the LAST FALL CHESS CLASSIC (there was and is only one, and this will be the last one--decision made yesterday).

So what happens to the 3rd MERLIN Trilogy book for 2014? It still will be done assuming that I and my calligrapher designer Bill Hannan are still around, and it will be released in 2014, probably in the Fall.

Then those three and The Chess Assassin's Business Manual will be released as a boxed set. For those who already own some of the books, I will be selling the box separately also.

What I do IS my retirement because there was no other.... so I keep working and keep seeking out that great woman who will inspire me further and further to do amazing things. My friend Bill Beruh (NY) sends me GREAT IDEAS all the time. Not "ideas" in lower case, but significant and GREAT ideas... some of them I unashamedly admit, parallel thoughts I have had too. (He feeds my ego because he was telling me I was marketing like Kennedy (Dan) 14 years ago!) There are no shortage of great possibilities in chess, it's just that "politicians" will never have them because when God created their brain (and he knew them in advance) he was watching Diary of a Mad Housewife and absent-mindedly left out creativity. Being God he could've fixed that but he didn't I am guessing because he wanted us to be creative in working around them... and guess what? It works! What a great idea!

On ANY given day of the week I interact via email or phone with some truly amazing customers, philosophers, masters, marketers and just fantastic people like Bill mentioned above or my old buddy Jerry Nash or John Blackstone. Some women are truly brilliant in concepting but even more so than some men, help come up with workable solutions (that is, a willingness to chip in help).

For a long time I wanted to pull all these folks together and create a type of Round Table and even include some perspicacious customers but so far, it hasn't happened. There is ONE overarching quality you must have. Well, maybe two, but I don't count HONESTY too much because I remove myself from being around dishonest people. What is that characteristic? You can't be LAZY! Oooops, I just saw 89% walk out of the room. The one guy in the room who is a creepazoid (liar) will be kicked out quickly and it will go to a full 90%

Here's the problem with getting such a group together... the major problem. My mastermind groups' sole purpose is not internet marketing or how to strike oil in 10 days, it is about a LASTING chess effect which everyone at the RT (Round Table) will benefit from. Guys like Ken MacDonald would have to be there. Steve Lamansky, Ed Yee, Julian Wan and many others I have met or will soon meet. If I have left you out, I apologize but you are on MY (private) list.

You people are truly BRILLIANT no matter what your spouse says, your friends, your co-workers, or other people who do not truly KNOW you. When I talk with some of you on the phone (such as Dale Suilmann) I sense "humility" and strength of character. New guys like Grayling Hill, George Lundy and Don Miller make it all worth while. I wish Ralph Tykodi were still around.

Now I feel stupid for naming names but I want to RECOGNIZE SOME of you. What I want to do in the future is have small confabs, 5-6 people, meet for ONE DAY, on a weekend so you can fly in and out (or drive as I now do). Good times, great meeting, recorded... and pull off the greatest brain trust in history with respect to chess. This new guy that FIDE has for running the world chess championships? A great start.

Don't worry if I haven't mentioned your name, in one or two cases I can't because of positions you hold. And for the rest of you geniuses, I'll be in touch. (I keep thinking of good friends and people who MIGHT want to be on this round table that I trust... so there is no slight intended, but I must mention my good friend Bob Woodworth too and the Swede who keeps me on my toes, Patrik Ohagen. You guys and more (Rusty Miller) are great but these meetings would be a sacrifice of a day and a few bucks.

In the meantime, get this Gossip/Pillsbury book. Save it for your grand children. It's a bargain. They will cash it in in 10-20 years and pay for one semester of college (haha--don't quote me). But... I end where I started. It looks great. I am not giving out review copies so I won't be hearing from some addled brained ex-communist about how he doesn't like the red ink! I vetted the book myself. I didn't like the black ink which was running the type together so I REDID that part of the book, at my expense because.... cos I want you to have GREAT stuff. So There. What did you expect? A Guarantee? You got it. 30 days.


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