Friday, August 3, 2012


While taking a time out, going out to eat breakfast after a 30 minute walk, I came up with two more ideas... really good ideas for chess lovers. Beneficial ideas, make them "kick ass" stronger. Why not before? Timing I think plus a nudge from up above.

I debated whether to tell you, some mental wrestling went on there. Decided to hold off. I have plenty of irons in the fire.

I hate to use the word "investor" as it connotes all kinds of legal H.S., the government, tax guys, everyone with their hand out and doing exactly NOTHING for us. If you want to get in on a couple projects, just get in touch with me: 563-271-6657. Then I will tell you what they are.

I goofed on my "Bob Long's Chess Letter." I left out two moves in a game between Steinitz and Chigorin and no one (But one) said anything about it, Ed Reedy. Ed, you see, takes those newsletters seriously and he reads them from page one to the end.

Funny thing, after I complained about piss-poor feedback, others told me they read it from front to end. How could I have known? I create a puzzle which any 8 year old could solve and I get 2 responses to get $5 off their next order! (But, if you don't ever buy anything, don't enter a contest, capisci?) Dentists can extract teeth easier than I can pry $34.95 (or $29.95 from SCORE subscribers) to pay for the newsletter. It doesn't matter that my newsletters are twice as big as the average monthly newsletter from anyone else about anything. It doesn't matter that I offer 25% more issues then the average newsletter. And it doesn't matter is that the cost is one-tenth of what most charge. Since the CHess Gazette had been free, this is why I changed the name and the format. It's one of 3 things:

a) Don't ever want to spend money on anything they can get for FREE (sounds like the old "I won't pay for sex" shtick._ WHO is sending out chess newsletters? No one but me.

b) The editor is "unqualified" to write about chess. Too late, been doing it for 25 years. Reminds me of the purchaser who has to OWN Houdini because it allegedly has a rating performance of 3000+ but who is an under 2100 rated player. Won't ever beat it, but, has to have the best. Fact: "the best" (whoever they are) won't tell you anything truthful until they quit playing it in their repertoire.

c) Requires effort to read anything over a page long because of addiction to computer monitors. Not my problem, theirs. Have me remove their name from my email or mailing list, they never purchase.

Back in the old days they called people who "played at something" dilettantes. These folks still exist. Would you want THEM working on your computer because they know how to pull out a logic board or install more RAM? Guess what, a lot of people allow this to happen--they are called "computer repair shops!"

As I told the story, which I read in a John Carlton newsletter (another expensive guy), this company who specialized in giving away audio cassettes to promote some product discovered "no one" actually listened to them! How did they find out? Good question Bruno. What happened was that they sent out a batch of them that were BLANK--by accident. No one said anything? My guess is a few people listened to them, heard nothing, figured, "I didn't pay for this, ho hum, no loss." And I know if it is FREE it will be perceived as worth that much and no more.

So it was that I did get feedback from readers of the newsletter, but, no sales. My OFFERS must have been crap is all I can think of.

Worse. I said I sent out "320 Chess Letters." I checked that out. I was wrong, it was 738! 4 initial responses out of 738 and people are always telling me about HOW MUCH BETTER email and the internet is. Total H.S. That's ONE HALF of one percent!

Now let me lay this one on you. I have a former author who transferred "rights" of our book to someone else. He keeps getting requests for the book but the person who got the new rights has not made good on the deal (only 50% of it), won't answer emails or letters, and not even from me. If I told you who this unmitigated jerk was you would quit doing business with him (indirectly) immediately! You won't know his name but you will know what he does. How do you spell L-O-S-E-R? Another college graduate in marketing (according to the greatest marketing expert who probably ever was, Gary Halbert (no college degree), these guys aren't worth a nickel.) Problem? They "think" (legend in their own mind) they are right until they file for bankruptcy.

So I am going to return part-time to good old MAIL (you know, that department of US commerce that can't seem to pay its bills because they have the negotiating skill of a dead worm?) And I am working on a NEW catalog which will ONLY go out to BUYERS and people I hear from. The deadwood on my email lists will remain, in, fantasy land buying their tri-annual chess set and wondering how everyone else is doing!

ANYWAY... two GREAT IDEAS on a morning off!


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