Monday, August 27, 2012

FOUR SCORE and 7 days ago!

Working on the latest issue of SCORE (the 4th one for this season), The main articles were written by IM Bryan Smith.

Another fatso issue and some great stuff on the 7.h4 French Winawer and the Mar Del Plata variation of the King's Indian, always a stickler.

In the meantime other mailings have gone out and tomorrow a 4-6 pg. catalog of new titles--lots of them Everyman Chess, New in Chess and in a day or two Gambit and ChessBase DVDs.

Been watching DVDs all evening and have a crick in my eyeballs! But will tell you more about them in the catalogs. Want one? Send me your name and email address.... then I hope to start on the Previously Owned List. That one will cost you 20 bucks for a year's issues. But, you can get your $20 back by buying from the lists. The details will be posted. Need the proof of intention first: that'll be $20 please. In color.


Been working on the second book in the Secrets Trilogy too and that has been a lot of fun. If you want to save big on it, come to the October 26-28 Fall Chess Classic because I just made a determination TODAY it will be my last one!

Trying to make a Big Event payoff is difficult not just because of these "economic times" (I also read other books besides chess and I have seen there are ALWAYS bad economic times it's just that the media likes gorging itself on this one).

As we age we will eventually have parental aging issues which if travel is involved can be very expensive. Then there are those who BELIEVE kids should go to college which in the past 10 years has turned into a gigantic money-sinkhole. Our little geniuses can't get jobs, but some of them CAN get 3 smaller jobs! People in scientific communities where there is government funding, if they have reached retirement age, WON'T--and so the underlings, the post docs can't get meaningful work. The old gray hairs are hogging it all.

We have Isaac kicking butt down South. Refineries are out of action in California. All in all I would have to say the government and private sector are taking their ineptness out on the rest of us. So people look for reasons to STAY home, even if they live 60 miles away from Davenport. But, while I have optimism by mailing out PLEASE COME TO THE OCT EVENT packages as far away as California and New York, ya just never know do you? Sometimes schedules change.

But, I've had enough. If you want to have some fun and learn some NEW things, why not make it to this one because there will be no more festivals, clinics, soirees, or combinations. If I do anything it will be to invite 5-6 guys to my place in the future, for ONE DAY and ONE night--or to Las Vegas or something like that. Doing all these wonderful marketing programs and dealing with the really great troopers who help make it happen has been a great experience for me (and you too I hope)... but lethargy is a tough one to beat. I didn't learn how to handle this in Cleveland, what my emphasis was on was direct response marketing... and that's what I will be doing and have more time to devote to it. A business person needs to figure out what things are dragging the company down and eliminate them though in the short haul it has jacked up my marketing inventiveness. More than a few people tell me how much they like what I write but not enough to pay me a wage (some think I do all this writing because... I love to sit on my thumbs!)

It was a great ride. Maybe you will want to ride into town for the last one. 13 seats left. Will try to contact some people in Chicago and see if we can get them down here. Never easy.

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