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If so, glad you are here. Chess Toast is different from the usual chess blogs because not only am I a seller, not only a publisher of chess, a player too, but I have been doing this for a long time so I have some history behind me. I like to pick winners and people like to be around winners.

In 2006 I sold Chessco. The company that bought it did not do the job I was led to believe they would and so in 2009 I started it up again. My retail division became GILBERT & LANGE, named for my two grandfathers. I worked for Gilbert on his ranch but Lange died before his son John, my Dad, ever got married. But I am sure he was a great man.

The name didn't seem to attract much attention and of those who used to do business with Chessco (and there were a lot of them), some came back, some got lost (??), and some seem to have amnesia.

Every now and then I hear from someone and last night it was John Kline. Here's what he had to say (which I think is a common story) about coming back:

"I found about Thinkers Press books about 13 years ago.  My Captain (I'm in the Army, the Fort Knox address was probably a dead give away) taught me how to play chess and we used to play during lunchtime, sometimes we just play or do a turn a day game that would last for a week or so....  Needless to say I used to be beaten quite often (I think I was his chess "punching bag").  So, I began trolling the Borders and Barnes and Nobles and eventually picking up some of your books that you published.  I especially like the Purdy books, they were easy to read and comprehend for the inquiring novice such as myself.  I had a Chessco (I believe that what it was called) catalog  and had ordered some really nice books that you offered in your inventory, books that just couldn't be found anywhere else...Needless to say chess got put on the back burner and eventually into the freezer after getting married and just plain life in general took over, however I'm now in a position to give it a second go and I'm looking forward to brushing up on my chess knowledge, my first thought was about Thinkers Press books, which led to a Google Search and voila, here I am.  So, that's the story...

"Thank you again for your fast response and I look forward to talking to you again sometime!"


If you are one of them I will tell you (tomorrow?) how for $5.95 (to cover the cost of shipping) you can get $96.97 worth of great chess stuff, first class... shipped to you right away.

If I think of it tomorrow I will detail it then. I am busier, right now, than a cat in a litter box, mounted on a hot tin roof with ball bearings underneath it. I am in the process of trying to sell my building and have an appointment with someone about that tomorrow, dealing with a plumber, an insurance company, auto reg. renewal and all the stuff most of you have to do too, but hopefully you have a little help.

The next issue of SCORE, #20, scheduled to be released in a week, is perhaps one of the best I have ever produced. Part of that is because the author of the 5 games, IM Bryan Smith, has done an amazing job of EXPLAINING, with words and variations, the intricacies of certain lines of the French Winawer and the King's Indian Mar del Plata. I've been going through his copy and am really pleased. Original, instructional, and downright fascinating.

Maybe it is because I have played the French Winawer, but not against 7. h4!? And maybe because I played the Mar del Plata King's Indian, but not like Smith did against GM Wesley So, the Filippino GM.

The subscription is only $49.95 for 16 issues. Guaranteed too! Or you can buy the individual issue using PayPal for $10.00. All I know is that it will be a FAT one, again!

P.S.: John, typical Army, is a go-getter. He's already sent the $5.95. All you have to do to get it is be a customer from before 2009 who hasn't contacted me again until now!

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